10 Amazing Tourist Places to visit In Bihar

One of the most vibrant states in India is Bihar. Bihar is divided by the river Ganga and the border of Nepal lies here. Bihar is full of history, dance, legacy, and art. In addition, Bihar is a state in East India. People can find out about different types of culture, history, and festivals here. Bihar is also famous for Makar Sankranti, Chhath puja, Buddha Jayanti and Shravani Mela. The name of the state derives from Vihara. And this vihara means monastery. The state holds the pride in establishing one of the first democracies in the world. Lichhavi was among one of the first democracies. You can also find the earliest university in the world in Bihar too. There are amazing tourist places in Bihar that are available for visitors. To help you in your Bihar trip here we have come with the best attractions of the place to explore.

Some Of The Best Places In Bihar

Among all the attractions of the Bihar, you should not miss the major attractions of Bihar. To bring out the complete joy from the cultural state, you need to visit all the tourist places in Bihar. Let’s know all the pride of Bihar state where you can pay a short visit. 

1). Nalanda University

The first place in Bihar that one must visit is Nalanda University. It establishes in the 5th century A.D. It is the place and the first residential University in the whole world. The university conveys the major role of India by imparting knowledge. In addition, the University has more than 2000 teachers. And the student’s numbers are more than 10000. The uniqueness of the place brings Buddha here and he was a teacher at this university. The whole construction of the building uses Red Stone and followed the Kushana style of architecture. 

2. Bodhi Tree, Bodh Gaya

Similarly, another one more major attraction in a Bihar is the Bodhi tree. Under this tree, Buddha achieved his enlightenment. In later times, it becomes one of the pilgrims for the Buddhists. Every year lots of people have come to the place just to see the blessings of Buddha. From Patna, it is just a hundred km away. UNESCO also declares it a Heritage site in Bihar. The visitor can also visit the Maha Bodhi temple just beside the tree. The temple follows all the Indian architecture to complete the construction.  

3. Muchalinda Lake, Bodh Gaya

In other words, another one of the main attractions of the state of Bihar is Muchalinda Lake. The name of the lake comes after Shesh naga who was the protected of Buddha. While Buddha doing his meditation and he is in his 6th week, Shesh Naga protects him from a heavy storm. Besides that, the place is fully dedicated to the service of Shesh Naga. All the green trees and Lush greenery by the lake will simply offer you the best surrounding to behold. Visitors can also find out the protective sculpture of Shesh nags here in this spot. 

4. Griddhakuta Peak, Rajgir

However, you can also visit the Griddhakuta peak in Rajgir. This is also famous as the vulture peak. It offers the shape of a vulture and frequently many vultures visit the place. It is one of the most sacred places in Bihar where Buddha spreads some of his sermons. By taking the help of the rock step you can visit caves which is naturally built. However, people who are handicapped can also visit the place by taking the help of chairlifts facilities. Therefore, this is another one of the places where you can visit Bihar. 

5. Rajgir Hot Springs

After that, the Rajgir hot spring is another best place where you can visit Bihar. It locates at the foot of Vaibhava hills. In addition, the hot spring gets its water from Saptadhara. Saptadhara passes behind Saptaparni Caves. It believes that the hot spring holds all the medicinal properties. Brahmakund spring considers the hottest and has a temperature of 450 celsius. People say that here in this spot both Buddha and Mahavira had bathed. Similarly, this place can be on your list to visit when you go to Bihar. 

6. Munger

However, you can also go to the Munger in Bihar to visit. The site dates back to one of the ancient Indian Dynasty Aryans. You can also enjoy all the attractions of this place. And attractions of the Munger are Sri Krishna Vatika, Sita Kund, and Manpatthar. By visiting each one of the places you can enjoy the history and beauty of the site. People can also visit Jabalpur by train. Similarly, they can both enjoy Jabalpur and Munger by auto-rickshaw and cabs. Therefore, enjoy this place with your family and friends. 

7. The Archaeological Site Of Vaishali

Another destination in Bihar where you can go is the archaeological site. If you are interested to know the history then this place will be the perfect one to visit. It is the birthplace of Mahavira. The visitor can also enjoy the Ashoka Pillar here in this spot. People come from different corners of India to visit the site and to know all the rich history. Similarly, you can also enjoy all the views and history of the place by exploring the spot. Above all, it is a perfect place to visit with your friends and family members if you go to visit Bihar. 

8. Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Subsequently, the Vishwas Shanti Stupa is another one more attraction in Bihar state. The place has marvelous architecture along with four Statues of Buddha. All the four Statues of Buddha reflect the life of Buddha itself. Each one of the statues shows the history of Buddha’s life to death. After that, you can also enjoy the surrounding places and can explore all the meanings of the statues. For the visitor, the place is open every day from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

9. The Tomb Of Sher Shah Suri

You can find out the mind-blowing architecture of Indo Islamic here in this The Tomb of Sher Shah Suri. It builds in 1545 A.D. Above all the beautiful artificial lake makes the place more attractive for visitors to visit every year. The monument was built in remembrance of the emperor Sher Shah Suri. This tomb is in Sasaram.

10. Barabar Caves

The last destination in Bihar for you is Barbara Caves. It is in Sultanpur and situated between two twins hills. The visitors can enjoy all the cutting Old Rock Caves here. With family members and friends this is a must-visit place in Bihar to enjoy. After that, you can also enjoy the surrounding attractions of the caves by yourself or along with your friends too. 


Therefore, these are the all famous places in Bihar and the amazing tourist places in Bihar equally. All you have to do to simply make a short trip to visit the state to enjoy the spots.