Top 10 Outstanding Places To Visit In Shimla

In this article we have listed 10 Best Places to visit in Shimla. The Majestic snow-clad mountain, amazing rich greenery, and lakes make Shimla one of the amazing tourist spots in India. The visitor can enjoy the timeless beauty and a great trip with family members in this spot. Similarly, Shimla surpasses all the natural beauty. And it helps the tourist every year to visit the most wonderful sight. In other words, Shimla considers as Queen of hill stations. However, it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and has numerous places to visit. The whole trip to Shimla of your will become enjoyable and memorable when you visit the maximum number of places. Numerous places to visit in Shimla can make your feel amaze and mesmerizing. With the help of the short article, we are going to offer all those wonderful place names. Shimla is the best place to visit in any season to enjoy the whole beautiful surroundings of the whole city. 

A Few Best Outstanding Places To Visit In Shimla

Shimla is a perfect place to visit with friends and family members. A small trip on your Shimla can offer you all the joy and enthusiasm. Let us some of the best places to visit in Shimla and you can experience the ultimate Joy by yourself. 

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Top 10 Outstanding Places To Visit In Shimla
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1. The Ridge

Places To Visit In Shimla The Ridge

To enjoy the unlimited mountain peak of the land you will have to visit the Shimla the Ridge. It is in the middle of Shimla City. From this particular place, you can enjoy the whole spectacular view of the amazing mountains. Similarly, Shimla Ridge is an open place and it leads from east to west along with Mall. The mall is another more attractive tourist spot in Shimla for tourists. It directly links with the scandal point of the west. It is a dream destination for all the tourists to enjoy unlimited photography, shopping, and closely watching nature. 

2. Jakhoo Hill

best Places To Visit In Shimla  Jakhoo hill

Similarly, another attractive part of Shimla is Jakhoo hill. It is not just an attractive place in Shimla but it is the highest peak entirely in the hill station. From the highest peak, you can enjoy a full view of the land and Snow-covered Himalayan Mountains. In other words, every year most tourists and pilgrims come to the spot to visit the entire scenic view. There is also a Hanuman temple to visit. It locates at 8500ft high and the statue is 108 ft tall. Above all, Jakhoo hill is Approximately 8,000 feet in height.  

3. Mall Road

Mall Road best place to visit in shimla

You will find Mall Road below the Ridge. This is also the best Places To Visit In Shimla. It offers an outstanding view of Shimla city in a nutshell. Mall Road is full of cafes, restaurants, book shops, attractive tourist spots, and other shops. However, the visitor will get outstanding offers by visiting every corner or turning point of the road. Above all, you will also be able to enjoy the scenic view of the whole Mall Road. The place is best for shopping, Photography, cuisine, Tourist places, and history. This particular place is open all day for the visitors. 

4. Kalka–Shimla Railway

best place to visit in shimla Kalka–Shimla Railway

In addition, another more attractive part of Shimla is the Kalka Shimla railway. People consider it as mountain Railway of Shimla. The British Emperor builds this railway in 1898 to connect with other stations with Shimla. The visitors can actually feel the breathtaking feelings while going through the tunnels. However, it will make your journey unforgettable and Amazing. All the trains start from Kalka and stop in Shimla. This is a perfect place for photography, to know the history, and to enjoy the nature. 

5. Christ Church

best place to visit in shimla Christ Church

Similarly, another one of the attractive part of Shimla is Christ Church. It is a perfect example of non-Gothic architecture. The christ church is just beside the Ridge. It builds in 1857 and it takes 3 years to complete the whole Marvel Architecture. Above all, some of the major attractions of the Christ Church are the frescos, glass windows, and the clock tower. You can enjoy the whole surroundings of the church for half an hour. No entry fee is needed for the visitors to enter the church and it is open all day. 

6. Kufri


In addition, for all the travel enthusiastic people Kufri is another more attractive part of Shimla. Their Journey will remain incomplete if they do not visit Kufri. It is an amazing hill station near Shimla located at 8607ft. Above all, it is a Paradise place for all the adventurous freak people. You can enjoy the whole panoramic view of the Majestic Mountains and beautiful valleys. Numerous winter sports are there to entertain The Tourist every year like Skiing and ice skating. One will not able to take his or her eyes off the natural beauty of the place.  

7. Green Valley

Green Valley

Similarly, the name suggests the Green Valley covers by a dense blanket of verdant green forests and greenery. Here in this place, you can enjoy nature most. People can enjoy the glorious sight of nature perfectly here. The Green Valley is a perfect heaven for all the photography lovers who love to capture moments. However, the green valley is a perfect destination for all romantic couples or newlywed couples. Therefore, this place should be on your list whenever you check in Shimla. 

8. Chadwick Waterfall

Chadwick Waterfall

For the people who love to watch waterfalls, Chadwick waterfall is the best place in Shimla to visit. This waterfall runs down from a height of 86 meters. If you want to capture the whole moment within your heart then it is a must-obvious place to visit in Shimla. To behold this waterfall for hours after hours you can enjoy the beauty. Above all, you can enjoy the natural view of the waterfall when it will run towards the land. Therefore, this is another one of the best places in Shimla you should not miss.

9. Tara Devi Temple

Tara Devi Temple best tourist place to visit in Shimla

Another one of the best travel destinations in Shimla is Tara Devi Temple. The Tara Devi Temple locates at Tara Parvat. Goddess Tara situates here and all the Tibetan Buddhists worshiped her in the form of shakti. On Kalka Shimla Highway, you can find the temple and can visit to seek blessings. People believe the place is the most sacred place in the whole of Shimla. Above all, you can enjoy the whole surroundings of the temple and can give a quick visit with your family members to this Tara Devi Temple. 

10. Annandale

best place to visit in shimla Annandale

And lastly, we will suggest you people visit Shimla in Annandale. It is another more enchanting and beautiful place in Shimla to visit. People can enjoy numerous Sports like cricket, racing, and Polo. Above all, you will also have to visit Annandale Army Heritage Museum. This Museum is one of the most Prime attractions for visitors to this Annandale.


Therefore, these are the most attractive attractions of Shimla. We almost mention the best places to visit in Shimla to start your journey with comfort.