Tourist Places In Kanyakumari To Visit

10 Tourist Places In Kanyakumari To Visit!

India has numerous cities and states which are full of various attractions. Within the whole of India, one of the most ancient towns with historical richness and religious significance place is Kanyakumari. Hence, Kanyakumari is located in the South part of India. It is one of the charming cities of Tamilnadu, every year people gather to visit wonderful sights and attractions. Popular tourist places in Kanyakumari help the tourist to get the ultimate joy from the city. However, on the other side, there are forts, temples, beaches, and museums present to offer all happiness to visitors. With amazing modernization, culture, scenic beauty, and history this place becomes the best tourist spot for all the travel freak people. 

Best Places In Kanyakumari To Go

Numerous tourist places in Kanyakumari are available for visitors. Above all, people can receive the ultimate Joy of traveling throughout the whole Kanyakumari by visiting the best places. Here we have come with some of the short-listed places.  You should go with your friends and family members if you want to enjoy the whole trip in Kanyakumari.

1. Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Places In Kanyakumari To Visit viveknanda rock memorial

The very first spot that we will recommend you in Kanyakumari to visit is Vivekananda Rock Memorial. It is located at a small beach in Kanyakumari. In the year 1892, Swami Vivekanand meditates 3 days here. However, people used to say the thing that Devi Kanyakumari practiced several Austerities on the rocks. The main attraction of Vivekananda Rock Memorial is Vivekananda Mandapam and Shripada Mandapam. After that, there is a massive statue of Swami Vivekananda in the background of the address Indian Ocean which offers the best view to the visitors. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial becomes one of the major attractions in Kanyakumari by offering a Mesmerizing view of the Indian Ocean with a combination of spiritual Vibes and calmness. 

2. Thiruvalluvar Statue

Places In Kanyakumari To Visit Thiruvalluvar statue

If you are looking for an amazing location in Kanyakumari then the Thiruvalluvar statue is another one more attraction and the best place to visit. It is a massive statue in the close to location of Vivekananda Rock Memorial. For all the history lovers and architectural buff lovers, the statue is the main attraction in Kanyakumari. However, the statue dedicates to one of the most popular Tamil poets and philosophers Thiruvalluvar. The statue is 133ft long and is standing on a 38-foot tall pedestal. Therefore, the best time to visit this is from October to March.

3. Our Lady of Ransom Church

Our Lady of Ransom Church, best place in kanyakumari to visit

Another one more attraction of Kanyakumari is Our Lady of Ransom Church. The church dedicates to Mother Mary which is located near the beach with amazing waves of the ocean in the surrounding. All the tourists will be able to see the amazing carvings on the walls and ceilings of the church. After that, the brilliant Gothic architecture simply snatches your all attention towards it. To seek the blessings of Mother Mary people go to the church and enjoy the full spiritual and holy atmosphere of the church.  

4. Tsunami Monument

tsunami monument in Kanyakumari, A best place to visit in Kanyakumari

Above all, people can also visit the tsunami monument in Kanyakumari which is another one more attraction of the place. Therefore, the monument totally dedicated to those people who lost their lives in the devastating Tsunami in 2004. The moment is 16 feet long with two features hands. The tsunami monument is located near the Shore of the town. Therefore, the best time to visit the tsunami monument is from November to March.  

5. Mayapuri Wax Museum

Mayapuri Wax Museum in Kanyakumari

In other words, people can also go to the Mayapuri Wax Museum in Kanyakumari which is just exactly a replica of the London Wax Museum. Inside the Museum there are numerous National and international personalities’ wax statues. By watching the statues the Tourist can bring out the enjoyment for themselves with family members. Not only that. People can also find out the status of APJ Abdul Kalam, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, and many more other famous personalities.  

6.  Kumari Amman Temple

If you are a religious and spiritual-mind person then the next best destination in Kanyakumari for you is Kumari Amman Temple. This temple is one of the oldest temples in Kanyakumari dedicates to the goddess Kanya Kumari. The temple has been there for more than 3000 years ago. And the history of the temple can be found in Hindu Religious epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. 

7. Gandhi Memorial

Gandhi Memorial, tourist place in Kanyakumari

However, the best part of Kanyakumari is the Gandhi Memorial which dedicates to the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. In this place, the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi have been kept since his unfortunate death in 1948. The whole structure of the Gandhi Memorial follows the Odissa style of architecture and the statue of Mahatma Gandhi is 79 ft high. Hence, every year on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday the memorial displays significant events of Mahatma Gandhi’s life. 

8. Padmanabhapuram Palace

Padmanabhapuram Palace Kanyakumari

After Gandhi Memorial, another popular destination in Kanyakumari is Padmanabhapuram Palace. Above all, this place situates in the Veli hills. During the 16th century and during the reign of the Travancore Kingdom, The palace was built. It is just 37 km away from Kanyakumari and located at Thuckalay by Ravipillai Ravivarma Kulasekhara. Therefore, within the whole Tamilnadu State, this place is often visited by a maximum number of tourists every year.  

9. Vattakottai Fort 

Vattakottai Fort in Kanyakumari, attraction of tourist

In addition, the Tourist can also visit Vattakottai Fort in Kanyakumari which is the last fort of the Travancore Kingdom. The Fort has an impressive structure and has various rooms inside it and some of them are weapon rooms and watchtowers. However, the Fort maintains by the Indian archaeological department and declares one of the Heritage sites of Kanyakumari. Do not forget to visit the Fort if you ever visit Kanyakumari with your friends and family members in Tamil Nadu. Your trip will become memorable by witnessing all the impressive architectural structures and the history of the Fort. 

10. Mathoor Hanging Bridge

Mathoor Hanging Bridge Kanyakumari

In addition, the place where you can go in Kanyakumari is Mathoor Hanging Bridge which is located in Mathoor village. This bridge is one of the highest bridges in Kanyakumari at 115 feet. However, it becomes one of the most important attractions for the visitors in Kanyakumari to visit a large number of people every year. The Tourist can enjoy the whole view of the Kanyakumari City from the bridge. The relaxing Atmosphere and green lushing nature make the spot interesting for the tourists. There is a small children’s park as well for the kids but to enjoy the whole evening by playing. 


Therefore, these are the tourist places in Kanyakumari for all of you where you can go and check out all these amazing attractions.