10 Best Amazing Places To Visit In Indore

The vibrant city of Indore has many interesting places to offer to visitors. Besides the bank of river Saraswati and river Khan the city locates. Above all, the city itself is a planned city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The visitor can see the most glorious history and architecture of this vibrant city Indore. There are numerous places to visit in Indore which can make your trip more memorable and beautiful. The city is the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh equally. If you are an admirer of nature and have a fondness for architecture then Indore is the best place for you to visit quickly. The royal palaces of Indore and the street foods will make your trip more interesting. To enjoy most of the tourist places in Indore, you will have to make a quick plan to visit there. 

Best Places To Go In Indore

Numerous places to visit in Indore are for you present where you can consider going. And here with the help of this article, we are going to mention all the top best places names. By offering the best attractions of the city, we will help to make your trip enjoyable. 

1). Central Museum

If you are looking for the best tourist spot in Indore then Central Museum is the best to start with. It is also famous as the Indore Museum. The Museum has two galleries and has a rich collection of things that dates back to 5000 BC. The first gallery holds all the prehistory periods artifacts. Similarly, in the second gallery, you will find the carving Of Hindu mythology. In addition, the other sculptures within the Museum depict various cultures of the city. There is a Ganpati statue inside the Museum which is 8 M high. This is the largest Ganpati statue in the whole world. In addition, you should not miss the chance to see the largest Ganapati statue in the museum. 

2). Lal Baag Palace

Similarly, another one more major attraction of Indore city is Lal bagh Palace. It considers one of the most beautiful Palaces in Indore. The construction of the palace starts in the year 1886. And it finishes in the year 1921. In addition, the palace follows the architecture of European style. However, different other styles belong from different periods. In other words, the gates of the palace reflect the style of Buckingham Palace’s gates. The interior design of the palace is very much amazing and interesting to watch. Inside the palace, the visitors can see prehistoric sculptures, artifacts, and paintings. Therefore, this is again an amazing place in Indore to visit. 

3). Patal Pani Waterfalls

In other words, the Patal Pani waterfalls in Indore are another tourist destination for all visitors. It is just 36 km away from Indore. The waterfalls come down from the height of 200 to 300 feet. The view of the location is totally breathtaking along with the dense forest. The Tourist can also enjoy the valleys. However, the Patal Pani waterfalls are a perfect location for all the trekking lovers’ people. However, if you visit the place in the rainy season then you will have to be very careful. It will be better to take the help of local guides to enjoy the whole area peacefully. 

4). Pipliyapala Regional Park

For all the nature lovers the perfect tourist spot in Indore is Pipliyapala Regional Park. The park is the most appropriate for photography. Inside the park, the visitor can watch a wide range of fountains which is another attraction of the place. The garden becomes much more beautiful with the help of French, Mughal, and biodiversity features. In other words, the theatrical activities inside the park premises never fail to impress the visitors. However, people can also enjoy boating here with friends and family members. Therefore, this place should be on your Indore trip list if you go to the place ever. 

5). Rajwada Palace

After that, people can also go to the Rajwada Palace in Indore to enjoy architectural grandeur. It is a symbol of the bygone age and was built more than two centuries ago. The visitors can find out the amazing styles of Maratha, French, and Mughal. Inside the palace, there are two parts with seven stories Palace. The first part of the palace is in the city’s center and the second one is in the old town. The lower floors of the palace have stones and on the other side, the top floors have wood. The Palace was burnt three times and it was again rebuilt in 1984. Therefore, this is another more interesting tourist place in Indore to go. 

6). Mandu 

Similarly, Mandu is another one of the attractions of Indore city. It is just 63 km away from the city. This Jahaz Mahal offers a full panoramic view of Indore city. People can enjoy all the glorious history of the bygone periods. It is between two lakes and has many more other attractions for the tourist. To enjoy the whole Mahal you will have to take a full day in your hand. However, the place is best for knowing its history, photography, architecture, and enjoying nature. 

7). Maheshwar Ghats 

Another one of the fantastic places in Indore to visit is Maheshwar Ghats. The place is also just 67 km away from Indore. People come to the place every year just to receive the spiritual Vibes and to enjoy the architectural Splendor. In other words, the place is also famous for Maheshwari sarees. And you can enjoy the whole beauty of the place by sitting In front of the Narmada River. By taking a short boating trip in the Narmada River you can enjoy the whole surrounding by yourself. 

8). Omkareshwar 

After that, you can also enjoy the whole surroundings of the Omkareshwar in Indore. This is another one of the best attractions of Indore city. It is a pilgrimage spot and every year thousands of people come to receive the blessings of Lord Shiva. You can also consider visiting and receiving the spirituality of the place and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. 

9). Ujjain 

The Ujjain is another one more destination in Indore that people can visit. Every month, the place receives more than thousands of people. It is one of the largest gathering spots which receive more than 100 Million people in Kumbh Mela. You can stay here for one or two days to enjoy the whole Temple with your family and dearest ones. People can also enjoy a Boat ride; can you watch the evening Aarti and can enjoy some of the delicious Street foods. 

10). Janapav Hill 

And ultimately, you can enjoy the whole Indore trip by visiting the Janapav hill. The whole area is covered by mountains and dense forests. The total greenery area offers the ultimate Joy for the nature enthusiastic lover and people who love to trek. However, it is a great picnic spot to spend a whole day with family members. People will be able to capture each one of the sceneries from every surrounding in their camera.  


Therefore, these are the all places to visit in Indore. Here we almost offer all the main attractions of the city. Start your journey by visiting each one of the places which we mentioned in the article.