Top 10 Worst Cities To Visit In The United States

It is needless to say that America has the most beautiful country in the whole world. It has amazingly beautiful places which can be the ultimate destination of a travel freak person. The United State of America is known for its wonderful and mesmerizing landscape. Moreover, there are historical landmarks, thrilling of attractions and exciting activities makes the country more wonderful and beautiful. Besides that still, there are few places that mark themselves as the worst cities in the United States. If you are a person who loves to travel a lot and planning for a trip to go the United States of America then at first you need to know about some places in the United States. Nowadays those cities of the United States are marked as the worst cities.

Due to the unconditional crime cases, unemployment and poverty make those cities of the United States of America as worst places to visit. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 worst cities to visit in the United States. You should keep in your mind before planning your trip to the United State of America and avoid these cities if you want to have a safe and ultimate traveling enjoyment. By avoiding these places or cities you can make your trip more memorable and exciting.

Some Of The Worst Cities To Visit In The United States Which You Need To Avoid

Now here we come with a top 10 list of those cities in the United State that you need to avoid. To bring the ultimate result of pleasure from your tour you can check in any other cities in the United State of America except these cities. 

St. Louis, Missouri

One of the worst cities in the United State of America is Saint Louis Missouri. It includes the list of the top 10 worst cities to visit in the United States. Probably due to the crime rates and extraordinary increases the home rents make this place the worst one. In the recent few years, it has been claimed that poverty cases, unemployment, and violent crime cases are rapidly increased. These are the particular reasons that are why the people are leaving the place. 

On the other side every day, a lot of crime cases come which make the people more fearful you stay there. Besides that, a lot of investors are investing their money to develop the city and try to make the city more gorgeous so that the visitor can visit their City. Until the cases of crime poverty and unemployment will solve nobody will going to have a great time there. 

Detroit, Michigan

The next city is Detroit which also marks itself as the worst city in the United State of America. It is also a place which is best known as a dangerous city of America. Between ‘2008 to 2010’ the crime cases of the city e becomes double. it is one of the major reasons for which people are also considering Detroit city as the rudest city in the United States. Even in the year 2008 to 2010 a lot of population of this city goes another replace just to avoid the criminal cases and for their safety. Apart all of these things in the recent few years this city has been developed a lot more with developed Civilization and Businesses. It offers a new life to the city of Detroit in the United States. 

Reno, Nevada

Another one of the worst cities of America is in Reno. Similar things like ok and employment and criminal cases are the major reason which makes this city worst. However, still, the tourist can get attracted to the city just because of the glamorous view, lights and for big casinos. However, it is not a perfect place to make your trip and to have a vacation there. Therefore, if you are planning for a trip to go to the United States of America try to keep the name of this city from your list. 

Stockton, California

The next city of America is Stockton which is also the worst city as well. Moreover, it is also as famous as the most dangerous city in California. The unconditional unemployment and Rapid violent crime cases make the California city Stockton the worst city. In fact, every now and then people get to hear moreover 1400 crime cases are coming. On the other side between the years 2008 to 2012 the city suffered through a financial crisis. Most of the citizen becomes bankrupt and houseless at that point in time as well.

Memphis, Tennessee

 Memphis a southern city of US makes itself 2nd dangerous city of America. When it comes to criminal cases poverty unemployment and corruption this city stands out at the top. Apart from the tragic part of this city the tourist sometimes finds still it attractive to visit there. However, it will not be a good pick-up of choice if you are visiting the United State of America for vacation. 

New Haven, Connecticut

New Heaven is another one more place that is known for all the criminal cases and unemployment and poverty cases as well. Besides that, the only attractive thing about this place is for Yale University. A lot of young boys and girls come to visit this university for higher studies. Apart from this, the country faces every year 6.6 % of unemployment crisis. 

Oakland, California

The next worst place in the United State of America is Oakland. The city faces a lot of time hi crime cases and economic problems. These two things make the city one of the worst cities in the United States. Therefore, if you are planning to visit an American country with your family members or friends you should keep this city out from your trip. 

Cleveland, Ohio

On the other side, Cleveland is another more miserable city in the United States which often faces cases of criminal and violence. Even it has been reported by Forbes that Cleveland is another more dangerous place in America. In addition, it is also included in the list of top 10 worst cities to visit in the United States

Baltimore, Maryland

It is surprising to see that Baltimore is the next city that has been considered as one of the worst cities in the United States of America. In the near Atlantic Ocean, rapid criminal cases and violation cases are found often. Hence, if you are going to visit the American country for a wonderful journey of your life then you should skip out from this city. 

Chicago, Illinois

The last worst city of United States of America is in Chicago. Numerous citizen of Chicago confirmed the fact that it is another more city in America that often sees criminal cases and violation as well. However, there are still for few reasons that are why the tourist is visiting the city of Chicago. Undoubtedly, it is a wonderful city which attracts the tourist to visit here for its wonderful sides.


Therefore, these are some of the worst cities of United State of America where people should not visit while making a trip for America. If you want to make your travel hassle-free then it is the best decision to avoid all these above-mentioned cities in the United States. 

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