10 Best Airports In India Must Visit!

When it comes to traveling people are always ready to go to their most favorite traveling destinations. However, traveling becomes more enjoyable and exciting if you are taking a flight. To reach your most desirable destinations, airlines are the easiest way to fly there. Therefore, if you want to experience some of the best airports for traveling then here in this article we are going to offer you the 10 best airports in India.

Besides that India is also known for its amazing airports with lots of designs and crafts. In addition by visiting the top best airports in India in can get the facilities like amazing foods beverages, spas, and luxurious lounges for relaxing before boarding on flights. Every airport in India ensures that the passenger gets the best facilities and security before boarding on flights. In addition, they provide the best traveling experiences on the flight as well. 

1. Kempegowda International Airport

The Kempegowda International Airport is one of the busiest airports in India. Besides that, it is well maintained International Airport surrounded by a beautiful flowering garden as well. Every day thousands of passengers are checking in and out from this beautiful airport of Bangalore. Besides that this International Airport has a fancy sleeping Forbes where the passengers can take a short nap before boarding the flight. In addition, this International Airport has almost 4,000 acres area. 


The facilities of this kempegowda International Airport are a Child care room, currency exchanges, Restaurants, information center, food courts, ATM, and lounges. 

2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport 

Another one of the best airports in India is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport which is India’s second-busiest international airport as well. This particular International Airport has owned several awards by the critics as well like the world’s best airport and best airport In India and Central Asia. In Andheri, Mumbai, this International Airport occupied almost 850 acres of area. 


The top facilities of this International Airport are Duty-free shopping in terminal 2, top brand shopping outlets, Child care room, information center, bars, restaurants, currency exchanges, ATMs, and lounges as well. 

3. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

If you want to experience the cleanest airport in India then probably the best option for you is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata. However, it is also known as Dum Dum airport after 1995. Besides that, it is another one of the largest and most crowded airports in India. Besides that, the Dumdum airport also owns the best-improved airport In India. However, in the pandemic situation of covid-19, this International Airport makes a quarantine zone for the covid-19 patients especially. 


With more than 1600 acres area this International Airport serves the facilities like free Wi-Fi connection, ATMs, Child care rooms, currency exchanges, Food courts, medical facilities, and duty-free shopping as well. 

4. Indira Gandhi International Airport

Another more top-rated International Airport is Indira Gandhi National Airport in Delhi. It is also known as the second safest international airport in India. Besides that this International Airport has amazing architecture and amenities too. This particular Airport has only lots of awards as well like the best airport in the world, Best airport staff in Central Asia and best airport in Central Asia as well. The passengers always experience hassle-free traveling with the help of this International Airport. 


The facilities provided by the airport are ATMs, free Wi-Fi, duty-free shopping, currency exchanges, RT PCR lab, Food Corner, and Pet fly desk. 

5. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

If you are looking for the 10 best airports in India then Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is one of them. This International Airport is situated in Hyderabad in Telangana. However, this is another one of the best and busiest airports in India as well. Moreover, in the covid-19 situation, the airport ensures the best services and safety to its passengers. Side by side, they also maintain the sanitization and contactless checking facilities. 


With more than 5400 acres area, this International Airport serves the facilities like currency exchanges, information center, child care room, food hub, free Wi-Fi, ATMs, and shopping as well. 

6. Dabolim Airport

Another one of the best International airports is in the gorgeous city of Goa. The Dabolim airport is India’s one of the busiest and largest International airports. Both the domestic and international passengers take flights through this airport as well. Besides that, the authorities are always very supportive and cooperative as well with the passengers. With amazing architecture and ambiance, this International Airport holds one of the top positions in India. 


The facilities that the passengers are receiving from this International Airport are turmeric restaurants, an Information desk, duty-free stores, free Wi-Fi connection, ATMs, and currency exchangers as well. Side by side this Dabolim airport takes almost 688 acres area. 

7. Pune International Airport

Another more Best International Airport is Pune International Airport through which you can have the best traveling experience. Both the International and Domestic passengers of the city or by the nearby cities as well pass by through the help of this International Airport. However, there are so many other facilities that are also provided by the authorities of this airport as well to the passengers.


Some of the major facilities that the passengers can avail themselves of anytime are currency exchanges, free Wi-Fi connection, branded shopping, ATMs, Cooperative staff as well. 

8. Cochin International Airport

If you ever go to Kerala for traveling or for any other purpose as well then you can visit the International Airport of Kerala. The name of this International Airport is Cochin International Airport. This is another one of the 10 best airports in India which people must visit once in a lifetime. By maintaining all the protocols of covid-19 the steps of this International Airport handle all their passengers both domestic and international as well.


With 1213 acres area, the Cochin International Airport serves the services like a food hub, information desk, free Wi-Fi, ATMs, duty-free shopping, and Baggage trolleys as well. 

9. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport

India has lots of busiest International airports in it and one of them is Lok Priya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. To explore all the cities in North India you will have to take the help of this international airport in India to check in there. The name of this International Airport was adopted after the First chief minister of Assam who was also a freedom fighter, Gopinath Bordoloi. 


The best facilities of this International Airport are Handcrafted jewelry shopping, baggage trolleys, ATMs, an information desk, and free Wi-Fi as well. The full area of this International Airport is more than 627 acres area. 

10. Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport

The last best international airport in India is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport In Ahmedabad. Like other international airports, this international airport also serves all the facilities to both domestic and international passengers.


The special facilities provided by this International Airport are Spa services, information desk, Wi-Fi connection, ATMs, food hubs, and shopping. However, the airport occupies almost 627 acres of area.


Therefore, these are some of the best airports names in India from where you can experience the best traveling experience by flight. 

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