Top 10 places to see snowfall in India in this winter

Are you interested to see snowfall in India? Then check out our Top 10 places to see snowfall in India in this winter. India has lots of places where you can experience snow falling and an outstanding natural view of nature as well. The best season to see snowfall in India is in winter. Even people make their trips between Decembers to February every year to see the snowfalls in India. 

However, maximum of the time people see the beautiful scenery and snowfall pictures in wallpapers and magazines. However, you can also experience the same situation by yourself to visit different corners of India. Let us see the top best places to visit in India to check out snowfall in the winter season. 

1. Pahalgam & Gulmarg

If you are making your trip to Kashmir then we will suggest every one of you visit Pahalgam and Gulmarg. Most of the pine trees and roofs of the maximum houses are covered with white snow. it feels like a Fairytale story that our grandmother used to tell us. However, for the adventurous freak people, these Pahalgam and Gulmarg are the best places to visit in winter. 

Key Attractions

The main attractions of Pahalgam and Gulmarg are the beautiful Aru Village; Betaab Valley; Club Park – the oldest park of Pahalgam; and the beautiful landscapes of Apharwat Peak.

Things To Do

In Pahalgam and Gulmarg you can play golf, Can enjoy the natural view of betaab Valley and can go skiing. 

2. Sonamarg

Another one of the best places in Kashmir where you can see snowfall is in Sonamarg. It seems like a blanket that covers the overall City. In addition, the amazing Sceneries of this city will inspire you to come again and again to this place to view snowfall and white snows as well. 

Key Attractions

The key attractions of Sonamarg are Baltal Valley; The tranquil Gangabal Lake; the Kheer Bhawani Temple and Yusmarg – a famous picnic spot.

Things To Do

People can visit the Kheer Bhawani temple, enjoy the captivating views, and can see the Gangabal Lake in Sonamarg. 

3. Ladakh

Besides that, if you are an adventurous enthusiastic person then probably the Ladakh will be the best option for you to see snowfall and do adventurous activities as well. The white snow covers the whole area like a blanket and it is one of the coldest places in India. 

Key Attractions

The key attractions of Ladakh are Ladakhi Losar, BongBong La Snow Valley, and Pangong Lake.

Things To Do

Things to do in Ladakh are skiing, Trekking, and biking. 

4. Nainital

Nainital is a hill station of Uttarakhand and the most appropriate time to visit this place is from December to March. Maximum of the tourist like to visit this little hill station which offers them to see pleasant weather in summer season and frozen and thrilling weather in winter. Therefore, Nainital is one of the top 10 places to see snowfall in India In this winter

Key Attractions

Some of the main attractions of Nainital are the Nainital Zoo, the Lake tour of the famous Nainital, etc. 

Things To Do

You can do trekking and Visit the Nainital zoo as well.

5. Auli

For the best skiing and snowboarding in Uttrakhand, you can go to Auli the hill station. It is besides that, the place is also stunning when it is fully covered with white snow. 

Key Attractions

This is one of the most popular destinations for people who enjoy skiing and adventure as well. 

The main attractions of Auli are a 180-degree view of the Nanda Devi range; and the world’s highest ski resorts. 

Things To Do

People can do things like skiing; can watch freshly bloomed flowers and trekking too. 

6. Dhanaulti

Another place that you can check up to see snowfalls is in Dhanaulti. Throughout, the whole winter season, it covers the whole area with white snow. Most adventures lovers like to visit this spot just because of the amazing activities that are available on the spot. Besides that, the view is also outstanding to look at. 

Key Attractions

Dhanaulti has lots of attractions for tourists. Mountain cycling, Snow-covered Mountains, and mesmerizing roads, and snowboarding are the main attractions for people.

Things To Do

People can do things in Dhanaulti skiing, snow Boarding and playing with white snow as well. 

7. Almora

People who want to enjoy the ultimate snowfall in the winter season in winter must visit the place Almora in Uttarakhand. It is one of the most favorite destinations of the tourist in the winter season to see snowfall in this hill station. Besides that, the little Cottages are another one of the attractions of Almora as well. 

Key Attractions

The main attractions of Almora are watching both sunset and sunrise from every corner of this little hill station. In addition, you can also visit Nanda Devi Temple to listen to some folk music as well.

Things To Do

You can try things are skiing, hiking, and snowboarding. 

8. Shimla & Kufri 

Besides that, another one of the famous destinations of snowfall in India is Shimla and Kufri which is in Himachal Pradesh. Every year thousands of people come from different zones of India to visit this hill station to enjoy snowfall and the winter season as well. 

Key Attractions

Lots of places are in Shimla and Kufri which you can see while staying at this hill station. The attractions of Kufri are Kufri adventure park, Nature Park at Kufri, and the streets of Kufri. 

Things To Do

Trekking, skiing, and watching snowfall these things you can do in this spot. 

9. Manali

Another one of the top 10 places to see snowfall in India in this winter is in Manali. Every year, especially on the occasion of New Year thousands of people, gather in this spot to see snowfall with their family and friends. 

Key Attractions

The key attractions of Manali are old Manali, Rohtang pass, and Naggar castle. 

Things To Do

Things you can enjoy in Manali are hiking, mountain biking, trekking, and watching the snowfall. 

10. Darjeeling

Another one of the perfect destinations for watching snowfall is in Darjeeling. It is quite a popular spot which is visited by numerous tourists in the winter season. Therefore, you can also enjoy the snowfall in the winter season by visiting this place as well.

Key Attractions

The attractions of Darjeeling are the joyful riding on the famous Darjeeling Himalayan rail and watching Sunset from Tiger Hill. 

Things To Do

Things you can In Darjeeling are watching how to prepare tea, workshop, and tea Gardens as well.


Therefore, these are some of the best places names where you can busy to watch snowfall in winter in India. 

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