10 Best Train Journeys In India You Must Try

Enjoy the journey of a train when it comes to taking a vacation for a few days with your family members as well as along with friends too. It is one of the most memorable ways of the journey that we have always preferred from our childhood days. In addition, the most common thing to get a window seat and fighting for them in our childhood days was the most attractive part of the train journey. By taking your all traveling to with train journey you can possibly and make the best memories for yourself. In addition, you can closely watch each and everything while taking and joining me by train.

However, when it comes to a long vacation and if you want to get some pleasures of time then you should go for the 10 best train Journeys in India. You can visit the maximum number of places and each one of the corners of India with the help of the Indian Railway. In addition, to make your journey more memorable, you can bring some magazines, newspaper and other things for reading as well. Besides that train journey also offers the entire travel enthusiastic person to click the best pictures of outside surroundings from a train as well. Now let us take a look at the best train Journeys in India which you should at least try once in your life.

Some of the best train journeys in India to take

Now here we are going to elaborate on each one of the train journeys in India which you can consider for yourself alone or with your friends and family members too.  

1. Jammu – Baramulla

If you are willing to take a train journey and make it memorable at the same time then probably the Jammu to Baramulla is the best option for all of you. This Indian railway track is interconnected with Srinagar, Udhampur, Jammu, and Baramulla. Besides that, traveling between Jammu to Baramulla is one of the most challenging Railway projects that the Indian Railway made. However, the picturesque Surroundings and enthralling atmosphere will make your journey more interesting and exciting. Besides that, this Railway project is under the most earthquake zone in India. On the other side, by having this train journey people can feel the extreme cold temperature or hot as well. 

Total journey hours

The total journey hours between Jammu to Baramulla are about 4 hours to complete. 

2. Pathankot – Jogindernagar

Another one of the 10 best train Journeys in India is from Pathankot to Jogindernagar. People who want to have a thrilling journey of Kangra valley Of Himachal Pradesh should take the help of the Indian Railway to start their wonderful journey. By taking a train journey from Pathankot to Joginder Nagar you can get the best vision of nature and a pleasant train journey yet slow as well. The train journey will cover almost 164 km. besides that; the railway track is also situated at a high challenging location too. 

Total journey hours

The whole journey of your from Pathankot to Jogindernagar will take around 8 hours to finish. 

3. Kalka – Shimla

Those travel enthusiasts people who want to enjoy the picturesque valleys, foggy meadows, and steep pathways, Should take the journey from Kalka to Shimla by toy train. Throughout this whole train journey, all of you will have to go through 102 tunnels and 82 bridges as well. In addition, this is one of the best train journeys in North India which people can consider for themselves. Side by side, it is also known as a World Heritage site too. 

Total journey hours

The total time to accomplish the journey is around 5 hours. 

4. Jaisalmer – Jodhpur

Another one of the train journeys that you can include in your list is Jaisalmer to Jodhpur. By taking this colorful journey of Rajasthan you can make your vacation or tour outstanding. However to start this beautiful train journey people can board on Delhi Jaisalmer Express. Before reaching the destination you can see yellow soil, desert landscape, and grazing Camels. 

Total journey hours

To complete this beautiful train journey you will have to wait for 5 hours. 

5. Mumbai – Goa

Besides that there is another more train journey that you can consider for yourself is from Mumbai to Goa. By starting your train journey from Mumbai to Goa you can probably get to see the best and beautiful landscapes. In addition, you can also see tunnels, bridges, little rivers, Coastal peripheries, Western Ghat, Green meadows, and lots more other things as well. 

Total journey hours

To finish the whole journey from Mumbai to Goa it will take almost 12 hours to reach the destination. 

6. Jalpaiguri – Darjeeling 

If you love to take a train journey by Toy train then probably the Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling train journey will be the best option for you to start. The multiple landscapes and the pleasant climate while taking the journey from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling are the most attractive part for the tourists. While taking your journey you can watch the largest tea gardens in Darjeeling as well. 

Total journey hours

Besides that, to finish the journey from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling will take around 7 hours. 

7. Kanyakumari –Trivandrum

People who are interested in only a short type of train journey should try the train journey from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum. It is the best way of a train journey through which you can see the colorful sides of nature and coconut trees as well. On the other side, people will also notice the typical Kerala and Tamil architecture. 

Total journey hours

It is a short train journey that is why it will take around 1 hour and 45 minutes to finish. 

8. Siliguri- Newmal – Hasimara- Alipurduar 

People who love to watch forests and wildlife closely should go for the train journey from Siliguri to Alipurduar. However, by exploring the train journey from Siliguri to Alipurduar they will also go through newmal and Hasimara as well. However, it is the most worth taking train journey that you can try for yourself. 

Total journey hours

To cover the whole distance from Siliguri to new Mal to Hasimara to Alipurduar is around 5 hours and 40 minutes. 

9. Mandapam – Pamban – Rameswaram

Another one of the 10 best train Journeys in India is from Mandapam to Rameswaram. There almost every one of us to take the train journey and want to experience is a beautiful train journey to Rameshwaram. The thin train route makes the whole journey enthusiastic and exciting as well. Besides that, people can also watch beautiful birds are flying in the blue sky too. 

Total journey hours                                                                               

This is another one of the short train journeys that you can have for yourself and it will take nearly 1 hour to finish the journey. 

10. Bhubaneshwar – Brahmapur

The last option which we recommend for you is to take a train journey from Bhubaneswar to Brahmapur. You can notice the most beautiful sides of Chilka Lake while taking up your trip from Bhubaneswar to Brahmapur. More or less in every season, you can watch numerous birds are visiting Chilka Lake to entertain its tourists. 

Total journey hours

This short trip completes within 2 hours of 30 minutes. 


Therefore, these are the best train Journeys that you can choose for yourself to get some pleasant moments with your family members. 

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