10 Snowiest Places To Visit On Earth To Enjoy In Winter

Winter is the season when maximum people I like to take a short vacation with their family and close friends. It is the best season to enjoy the holidays. However, people also like to visit all those places which offer them to watch snowfall and snow peaks. The travel enthusiast person can enjoy the whole vacation in wintertime without having any travel. It is the most pleasant season where a maximum of the Travelers decides to take a break from their professional life.

 If you are looking for the best of all places all-time on the earth to visit then here we are going to provide a suggestion list. We are going to offer you the top 10 snowiest places to visit on earth to enjoy your full vacation in winter. However, the little member of your family can also so get the time to be closer with their parents and other family members while having the vacation. Therefore just read with us to know all the best places where you can visit to enjoy your winter season.

Some of the best snowiest places for you to pick up

Now here we are going to provide the list of the top 10 snowiest places to visit on earth with your close family members or close friends. All you have to do to simply make a schedule and take a break from your usual life to enjoy the snowiest places. However, it is also important to take all the necessary things with you before starting your journey to the snowiest places. 

Aomori City, Japan

Undoubtedly Japan has numerous beautiful places to visit. The Aomori city of Japan is one of the snowiest places in the whole world. Every year this City receives nearly 132 inches of snowfall throughout the whole winter season. In addition, you can also see that the whole city is covered with snow from the highest point of Hakkoda mountain. The Travelers can also enjoy the clouds and the fog area in the winter season in Japan. And therefore, if you are looking for a perfect place where you can see lots of snowfalls and snow peaks as well then Aomori city is the best option for you to visit. The total number of citizens of this beautiful city is around 3 lakh and they enjoy the whole winter season by watching the snowfall. 

Mt. Rainier, Washington

Another one of more top best destinations to see snowiest places is Mount Rainier in Washington. Every year this particular place becomes more gorgeous and beautiful because of the snowfall and snow peaks. However, the other places in Mount Rainier are also covered with white know totally. In some recent several reports it has been confirmed that the paradise ranger station Received almost 56 feet of snow every winter. Besides that, it holds the maximum feet of snow than any other place. However, the mountain rose evolved almost 4392 meters above sea level. On the other side, Mount Baker is a must-visit place in Washington if you want to enjoy a full snowy cover place. 

Alyeska, Alaska

Another one of the best places where you can check out for having the snowfall and enjoy the winter season is the Alyeska in Alaska. The citizen of this place usually sees snow between 42 to 53 feet of snow every winter season. However, in the last year, the people get to see the highest snow feet which are 72 almost which get vanish the whole city. Moreover, you will be surprised to see that all the little Cottage, guest houses, and other hotels are also covered with snow peaks as well. Therefore, you can consider this Alaska destination to visit in winter to see the maximum number of snowfalls. 

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Canada is very popular for its extremely cold weather and Snowy places in the winter season. You are a person who has a keen interest to see snow and warm weather then Saint John’s Newfoundland is the best option for you. This particular Newfoundland receives almost 131 Inches of snow every single winter season. However, the visitor can also see rain in winter which offers them more cold weather to enjoy. In addition, the royal colonies of Canada will make your trip more memorable. 

Sapporo, Japan

Another more perfect destination of Japan where you can see lots of snow is in Sapporo. However, in comparison with Aomori city, this place receives less snow. Besides that, every winter season it receives nearly 191 inches snow which offers the entire tourist to enjoy the full view of the city and weather as well. 


We bring another one more best place in Japan where you can see a lot of snow by yourself and with your family members as well. The place is Toyama in Japan. Throughout, the whole winter season, The Tourist can see heavy rainfall and heavy snowfalls. Moreover, the whole roads get blocked and it becomes difficult for the drivers to drive well. In addition, the place receives nearly 413 inches of snowfall and it is a home place for or approx 4 lakh and 20 thousand people. 

Quebec City

Besides that, if you want to enjoy the ultimate snowfall and want to experience the best Carnival and cultural activities then Quebec City is the best place for you. However, it is another one best destination of snowiest places in the world. On the other side, if you want to enjoy the Canadian cuisines then just visit this place to have it. Every year the city holds nearly 124 inches of snow.  


Another one of the top 10 snowiest places to visit on earth is in Syracuse. Those who are only looking for the snowfalls and lots of snow peaks can keep this place on their suggestion list for visiting. Every year in the winter season it takes around 124 inches of snow. In addition, the place is also best for hiking and trekking on the snow as well. Therefore, you should not miss the chance to enjoy visiting the place. 


Certainly, the Saguenay is another perfect option for you to see the best snowfalls and snowy covered areas. Right now for the unbearable weather a lot of people left the place to avoid the winter coldness. In addition, the place holds around 124 inches of snow every year. It is a small city which has about 145000 citizens. 


The last top best destination where you can see snow everywhere is in Akita in Japan. The total population of this Akita place is approx 320000 and the citizens witness nearly 107 inches of snow throughout the whole winter season. However, the maximum number of snowfalls the citizen can see in the first two months of the winter season and can enjoy it fully as well. Therefore, anyone of you can go to this particular place in Japan to watch the best sides in the winter season and snow cover areas as well. 


Therefore, these are some of the best snowiest places in the world for on the earth as well. Pick up any one of the places and start your journey as soon as possible to create the ultimate moments for you. 

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