10 Unknown Facts About The Colosseum For You 

The world has lots of wonders in it and one of the most wonders of our planet is the Colosseum. Moreover the structure of the Colosseum is is the most architectural and Engineering wonder which has been ever found in the world. On the other side, it is another one more best and greatest symbol of the Italian capital. It is an iconic Landmark of Rome. By visiting the Colosseum you can get all the information and history of ancient Roman. Besides that, the visitor will also be able to live all the life moments of Gladiators’ fantasies. 

The Colosseum was built around 72 to 80 AD Under the command of Emperor Vespasian. However, he could not even watch to finish the structure of the iconic Landmark of Rome. Soon the work again starts under the order of Titus. Additionally, whenever a visitor will visit first time this iconic landmark they will see it as a gigantic ruin place at first. However, the structure is specifically made in that way to make their visitors thrill and adventure. 

Some Of The Interesting Real Facts About The Colosseum 

However, there are so many things which are the audiences and the visitors do not know about this particular structure of the Colosseum in Rome. Here we are going to provide all the Insight information about the structure in detail. Let us see some of the best, interesting and hidden secrets about the Colosseum gradually. 

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1). The Colosseum Could Simulate Water Battles

The Colosseum was known for its land-based battles and it is the main event of the place as well. However, it needed more space to create water-based battles. The plumbing system of the Colosseum was built underneath the structure. Therefore, once it becomes the reason for the flooded situation throughout the whole Arena. After this situation, the soldiers have to think in a different way to solve the problem and use the water arena for the water Battles. Additionally, need to also think about the fact when and how they are going to use that underneath the water of the colosseum to protect the attacks of their enemies. 

2). There are 80 Entrances

Another more interesting fact about Colosseum is that a visitor can enter within the structure with the help of 80 entrances. Yes, the Colosseum has 80 entrances for the visitors to enter within the landmark. In the previous time, this iconic structure was received 80000 visitors or spectators at a time. But currently, the Colosseum is now just become a tourist for and sometimes there happened you live performing events. Due to safety measure, some of the entrance has been blocked. Currently, it can receive approx 50000 visitors at a time within the landmark. Moreover, the safety measurement becomes much more tightly to provide the best view and services to their tourist. 

3). Seven Wonders of the World

Due to the several damages and earthquakes, the Colosseum still manages to hold its beauty and iconic side. Therefore, in the year 2007, it includes its name in the seven world wonders on our planet. Additionally this Landmark is also recognized by UNESCO. It is not wrong to say that the coliseum is one of the greatest landmarks throughout the whole world and the largest amphitheater as well. 

4). It was not a Battle Ground During Medieval Times

When the Gladiator battle games started in Rome gradually the Roman Emperor fell. Besides that, for this reason the Colosseum remains Empty for several years. Besides that, when medieval times started the Colosseum turned into a Complex where the Roman people used to stay. Additionally, a lot of things from the Colosseum have been used to create several other castles in the City. It creates a lot of damage in the structure when people used to take the stones from the building or the structure of the Colosseum. To create some of the best attractive castles in Rome the stones of the Colosseum have been used for several years. Even the stone has been used to make the Saint Peter’s Basilica as well. 

5). The Underground Part of the Colosseum Was Opened to the Public Recently 

The visitors never get the Green Signal to go to the underneath of Colosseum. The underground history of the Colosseum was kept as a secret from the visitors for many years. However, in recent days the visitors of the Colosseum can visit or can go to the underground area of the Colosseum. The underground of the Colosseum was used to keep the wild animals for Battle and entertainment. Even there are 30 trap doors through which the wild animals often enter within the Battleground surprisingly. This is the hidden truth behind the underground of Colosseum which has been kept as a secret for many years from the visitors. 

6). The Loss of Life is Estimated

The underground of the Colosseum was the living place for 500000 human beings and 1 million animals. It is the ground where thousands of animals and human beings are fighting with each other. Several animals had come throughout the whole world in this place. The animals that have come to this place are tigers, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, and bears. 

7). Responsible for the Disappearance of the Hippo

From the Nile River, The animal Hippopotamus had been brought for the battle in the Colosseum. It was reported that there was no Hippopotamus left on the surface of the Nile River after a fatal battle in the Colosseum. Almost 9000 animals have been killed in the battle and after this particular battle, there remain no Hippopotamus left. Eventually, the Colosseum becomes the reason for demolishing the existence of both the North American elephant and Hippopotamus. 

8). It was not Always Called the Colosseum

At first, the name of the Colosseum was Flavian Amphitheater. However, after the Year 1000, it has been called a colosseum by the Romans due to the size of the structure The of Colosseum. Even the structure looks colossal and this is the reason why Romans called the structure as Colosseum. 

9). Seating Used to Be Arranged According to Class and Citizenship

The sitting arrangement in Colosseum was divided into class and citizenship. At a time the Colosseum can prepare for sitting arrangements for approx 80,000 people. Within this structure, there were specially made additional Areas where the Emperors and other powerful bodies take their places to sit. On the other side, according to class, gender, and citizenship, people get the sitting arrangement within the Colosseum. However, there was a separate place for the women as well. And lastly, the slaves had to stand on the terrace of the Colosseum. But right now the terrace does not exist just because of the damages and earthquake. 

10). Most Of The Slaves Fought In The Colosseum As Gladiators

People might think that those who fought in the Colosseum where is superior in their post and caste. However, this fact is not true most of the Gladiators who fought in the Colosseum were slaves in reality. Those claims have been considered always marginalized Classes people who remain in Italy. The life of them was nothing but futile. Hence, they often had been pushed into the battleground for the fight either with the wild animals or with the other human beings. 

Ending words

Therefore, these are some of the unhidden facts about the Colosseum which still today people may do not know. There may have many others secrets with this iconic structure that are still to discover. Moreover, if we ever discover anything about this particular place for the Colosseum we will let you all know quickly.