Parthenon : Top 10 Interesting Facts About Parthenon

The Parthenon was considered one of the most important symbols of the ancient Greek world. It is also the symbol of the democracy of Athens. For more than two thousand years the Parthenon dominated The Athenians Skyline. Originally the Parthenon was devoted to a Greek goddess and it takes near about a decade to complete the temple. The construction of the temple started in the year 447 BC. 

Currently, it becomes one of the most visited places in the world and people come to see the temple from every corner. Every single thing of the Parthenon makes the people feel amusement and mesmerizing. However, it is symbolized as the victory over the Persians by the Greek Athenians. As time moves on there lies many secrets behind the temple which people main do not know. It is always curious to know about a particular place that has a lot of hidden stories behind it. Today we have come up with 10 interesting facts about the Parthenon to discover. If you do not have any idea about the top-secret things about the Parthenon then read with us to find out all the secrets quickly. 

Some Of The Interesting Facts About Parthenon

Are you interested to know about the secrets of the Parthenon Temple? If yes then quickly join in our discussion to find out all the interesting and untold facts about the temple. 

1). The Parthenon Served A Role In Various Religions

The temple of Parthenon was originally devoted to the pagan goddess Athena. Besides that, it was originally a symbol of Ancient Greece. However, the temple is played a role in many religions equally. It served the religions like Christians and Islam. When Byzantine came into rule they transform the Parthenon Temple into a Christian church. And After that church, was devoted to the Virgin Mary. Unfortunately in the 15th century when Ottomans controlled All Over Greece they again transform the church into a mosque. The purpose behind transforming the church into Mosque was only to punish the Athenians. 

2). A Pre-Parthenon was there 

If we look back and see the history of 432 BC then we will come to know that it was one of the most magnificent examples of ancient architecture. It is used to say that there was a pre- Parthenon Temple before the present Parthenon temple was there in the place. It was the transformation from the old Parthenon Temple tour New Pantheon Temple. It is a modified Temple with lots of new architectural designs and views. Hence the actual temple of Parthenon as we see right now was a modification of the old Athena temple. 

3). Location Was Influenced By Mythology

According to the primary Facts, it is proved that the location of the Parthenon Temple follows all the mythological beliefs of Greek. Every single plot has been designed into to mythological belief of Greek and it was made very carefully. Even the temple of Parthenon follows the Clusters of stars which are often known as Hyades. This cluster star was originated in Greek mythology as well. Additionally, Hyades were a Greek legend and the father of five daughters. One of the daughters of Hyades was the atlas. On the other side, it is also proved that the atlas was the reason behind the battle of titan with the God of Olympus. 

4). The Original Roof The Parthenon Was Wooden

All of the Ancient buildings were generally made with solid marbles. However, in terms of this Parthenon Temple, no marble had been used for making the temple. Except for the roof of the temple of the Parthenon, there everything including the columns, Pediments, and entablature made with lavish solid marble. Moreover, to make the roof of the temple the artists used only wooden materials. It is highly believed that if the artists used marbles instead of oats then the temple would have collapsed due to the pressures. 

5). The Building Tells A Story

Each one of the sides of the temple has different types of stories that had been carved in the walls of the temple. All the stories belong to the Greek methodology and ancient Greek culture. Besides that, the walls of the temple also show the story of Athena’s birth. But the most interesting part is that all the stories which the visitors see on the walls of the temple were handcrafted. Moreover, there was the story of the battle between The Giants and the god of Olympus. 

6). Dedicated To The Goddess Athena

The whole Temple Parthenon was dedicated to the Goddess Athena. She was the daughter of Zeus and Athena never got married. As we all know that ethanol was the Goddess of wisdom and side-by-side she played a major role in the odyssey. There she played the character of a helper of Odysseus. The original name of the Parthenon Temple was inspired by the name of Athena Parthenos. On the other side, when there was happening the Trojan War Athena supported Greeks over Trojan. 

7). It Served As More Than A Temple 

Maximum of the people know the Parthenon as a Greek ancient But the temple used to be considered as many other purposes as well. A major section of the people believes that the temple of Parthenon was an art gallery. Moreover, it is also a treasury where the Statue of the Athena had remained for several years. The Statue of the Earth was made with several melted gold plates and the visitor used to see the statue with full admiration. The Statue of the ethnic had been used in case of an emergency. However, when the tyrannical leader came they took all melted gold from the statue to bear the expense of his Army. 

8). The Parthenon Was Originally Quite Colorful Believed By Historians

Most of the buildings of the ancient world have the colors grey and white because these two colors depicted their ancient Greek cultures and mythology. On the other side, the historians used to say that the temple of Parthenon was originally quite colorful if you see the temple in Daylight. However, with time the colors have been faded and the pollution level in Athens Become another one more reason for demolishing the original color of the temple.

9). Some Of The Parthenon Columns Destroyed By Gunpowder

The battle of the Venetians fire in 1687 destroyed a large portion of the temple with gum power. Even a large portion of the temple was left out as burning while the battle was going on. Additionally, this is the year when Ottomans captured the whole city and destroyed many panels and columns of the temple equally. In the later time, the ottomans even create a small Mosque inside the Parthenon Temple. 

10). The Designed Have Been Made To Resistant To Earthquake

And the last but the most interesting fact about the Parthenon is that the whole structure of the temple was designed just to be resistant or stop the earthquake. Athens suffered from a lot of earthquakes and tremors; therefore, the designer has to use a specific type of architecture that can resist all the earthquakes every time. 

Final words

Therefore, these are the most interesting and secret stories about the Parthenon Temple. Moreover, there may be many more other hidden stories are also stay with the temple which the visitor does not know. We hope in the future time we can discover all those hidden secrets as well.