10 Unknown Real Facts About Forbidden City

When it comes to exploring the unknown stories or facts of a particular place, person, or anything else, it is always an exciting thing to know. People love to find out the hidden stories or real facts about a particular place or about a person equally. Therefore, here we are going to talk about some of the unknown and interesting real facts about the Forbidden City

China is an exceptional country that has a lot of wonders to offer the ultimate traveling experiences to visitors.  The Forbidden City is the heart of China which is in Beijing the capital of China. It is one of the glorious Palaces to visit in China. From that this is another one of the main and major attractions for visitors to come to China. Besides that, it is one of the largest and equally well-preserved heritage sites of China. Additionally, this particular glorious Palace is in the world’s top 5 best palaces list. Moreover, the city becomes one of the excellent visiting places throughout the whole of China.  Now let us know about the 10 best unknown and real facts about the city in the below paragraph.

Top 10 Unknown Real Facts About The Forbidden City To Know

 Now here we gradually know about each one of the real facts of the city step by step. Be with us to find out all the unknown and weird facts about this glorious palace of China. 

World’s largest imperial palace

The glorious palace of China, the Forbidden City is a large Palace. It is estimated that this particular Palace is larger than the Louvre palace which is in France Approx 3 times larger than it. The total Palace office is around 720000 square feet area. To complete the whole structure of this glorious Palace, nearly 1 million laborers worked. 

Within this palace, there are more than 90 quarters and courtyards. The visitor will find 980 buildings and near about 8728 rooms. Additionally, to complete the whole work of this palace took the time from the year 1406 to 1420. However, a common myth is also spread in the locus of China that the palace has around 9999.5 rooms.  There is no clear evidence that can prove this statement. 

Buildings in European and Arabic style in the Forbidden City

The maximum of the buildings of the Forbidden City is Structure with European and Arabic buildings style. In the West part of the palace, there will find a will Arabic style building. the name of the building is Yude hall. It was built in a year from 1271 to 1368 in the Yuan dynasty. The architecture of Persia designed the Arabic-style bathroom for all the rooms of this Royal Palace. 

On the other side, A large number of buildings are decreased but  Yude hall is well preserved. The Other buildings of this Royal Palace follow the European building styles. The yanxi palace has to go through a lot of Fires; thus, the Qing court wants to make a fireproof building which will be near the poolside.  Unfortunately, for the funding and low financial condition, this work could not go further. 

The majestic Outer Court has no trees

The palace has two ceremonial courts within it. One is the inner court and another one is the outer court. Moreover, the visitors can see trees in the inner courts but in the outer court, there are no trees. There are no trees in the outer court of the palace just because of the two reasons. The first reason is they want to keep the entrance clear so that they can defend any type of War from the side of their enemy.  And the second reason is to provide a disturbance-free atmosphere to the emperor of the palace they cut down all the trees. 

It is home to 24 Chinese emperors

Under the guidance of the third ming Dynasty, Emperor Yongle Started constructing the building from the year 1406 to 1420. Till The Empire 14 ming dynasty ruled the palace unless Manchus takes over the ruling. After several few months, the Forbidden City moved to the capital of China, Beijing again. After that, it is still there until the last emperor of the palace abdication in the year 1912. 

A masterpiece of Chinese architecture

This world’s largest and glorious Palace, the Forbidden City holds the largest collection of well preserved Wooden structures of medieval. This Royal complex is fully structured with Traditional Chinese architecture and rich Chinese culture at the same time. The maximum of the doors of the forbidden palace is made with a 9 by 9 array of gilded studs except for the Donghua gate. Additionally, there remain statues of different animals like lions, Phoenixes, and Dragons For bringing prosperity and good fortune. 

World’s largest cultural museums

More about the palace becomes one of the top best museums of China and world. The Palace Museum of China the Forbidden City has a huge collection of Chinese historical artifacts. The artifacts have been there for thousands of years. By visiting the complex of the palace the visitor can see a stunning array of Ancient Treasures and buildings.

Birds cannot land on the roofs 

Moreover, if you ever visited this Royal Palace, the Forbidden City in China then you will notice there are no birds are landing on the roofs of the palace. To maintain the cleanliness and royalty the laborers make the complex in such a way to keep away the birds. Additionally, the craftsmen used a slippery tile to make the forbidden palace’s roof. It is another one of the reasons for which the birds cannot land on the roofs. 

40% of the Forbidden City is still forbidden access

This Forbidden City or the Palace Museum is large enough to explore in a single day. However, only 60% of the area of the complex is available for visitors to watch. Moreover, the rest of the 40% is still Forbidden to access for all the users. In those restricted 40 percent of the area have Work areas, unrepaired areas, and for few special areas which have been used for cultural relics. 

‘Gold Bricks’ Floor Tiles Of The Forbidden City 

The floor tiles of the Forbidden City are the most magnificent and valuable. Though, it is not made with gold it is similar to the price rate of gold of today. Therefore, the bricks are called gold bricks. Additionally, making a gold brick takes around 29 procedures. Moreover to copy the style of the Ancient gold bricks artists take around 20 procedures to fulfill the result. On the other side, the tiles of the forbidden Palace floor have been sold out for 800000 yuan. 

The City has special guards – cats

Lastly, another more unknown and interesting real fact about this Forbidden City is that it has a special guard of cats. There are more than a hundred cats are visible in this palace.  It is said that the cats are there from the past dynasties. However, the dynasties Collapsed but still, the cats remain there to guard the Royal Palace. These Royal cats of the Forbidden City can roam anywhere in the palace, but those cats who enter within the palace from outside are restricted to go in few areas. They have been there just to kill the mice and to give guards and protection with their prowess.

Final words

Therefore, these are the top 10 best interesting and unknown real facts about the Forbidden City of China.  Hope you all enjoy knowing about all the unknown real facts about the city itself.