Palace Of Versailles: 10 Interesting And Real Facts

Throughout the whole world, the Palace of Versailles is an extremely enchanting palace for visiting. The whole Palace is beautifully and equally combined with nature and art. This outstanding Palace is situated in Paris, the capital of France. This is unique Palace is created by King Louis XIV. Though, it is not in the middle of the heart of Paris because the king wanted to protect the palace from all the conspirator and quivers of the enemies as well. 

The palace of Versailles indicates the power of King Louis XIV. The king was the most important figure of the kingdom and with him, there remained all the courtiers, ministers, and princes. To offer the best visual side, to all the people who remained in the palace, the king even makes a Garden which is Visible from the Palace rooms. Now here today we come with 10 unknown real facts about the palace of Versailles. Let us join in our discussion to find out all the hidden and interesting facts about the palace in detail. 

Some Of The Real And Unknown Facts To Know About The Palace Of Versailles 

Now here we are going to share all those interesting facts about the parents which are nearly are known to the maximum number of people. Hence, let us start our discussion in detail. 

1). The King first lived in the Louvre

King Louis XIV was used to living in Louvre. But the residence of the king was quite smaller and due to the surroundings of many buildings, he could not even make it large. The residence event did not even allow him to show his Elegance and greatness as the monarchy. You always wanted to have something which can express his grandeur. However, in the year 1678, the king left the residence and shipped it to Versailles. Right now the palace is considered one of the best architecture Palace that France ever has. 

2). Palace was a hunting lodge

The journey of this beautiful Palace was started in the year 1623 when King Louis XIV bought land in Versailles. Basically, the king wanted to build a hunting lodge within the palace but the land was very small for all the customs and rituals of a king palace. Additionally, the modifications and Designs of the palace started after the 40 years of command of the king. 

3). Grand Canal was a stinking swamp

The land was actually two smaller to build the Palace at the first time. Therefore, the king needs to restructure the whole area so that his dream palace of him can fit within the area. To begin the construction of the palace there need to do the earthwork and Leveling on the land. The hunting lodge which king Louis VIII was made in that place was not as very attractive as it was situated in an arrow construction. After the projection of King Louis XIV., all the stinking swamp was covered with soil and stones. To bring out the charming look of the Grand Canal the workers had to dry out the stinking swamp. 

4). The water supply was no piece of cake

While the construction was going on, both the king and workers faced the issues making of hundreds of Fountain within the palace. The palace was not a nearby the river, therefore the workers had to make artificial Ponds. To make the dream of the king Successful the Walkers had to take the help of all those artificial ponds to bring out water from there. The workers even had to build Underground aqueducts and aerials for the water supply to the palace. Hence, the water supply was not an easy task to accomplish by the workers. 

5). Dress code to visit the gardens

The palace was free to all and everyone can enter within the palace and can free roam into the Gardens as well. But the only condition to visit within the palace and to visit the garden as well is that the visitors need to be well dressed. There was a particular outfit that a visitor needs to wear if he or she wants to enter the palace. It was made just to maintain the elegance off the balance. Besides that, those who do not follow the rules of the palace do not receive the Green Signal to enter within the palace and to visit the garden. 

6). Everything the King did was a ceremony

The lifestyle that king Louis XIV Was leaving was not restricted to anyone. It was said that in the sharp 10cm the king used to take his dinner. And every one of the people of the palace or outside side the palace as well comes to see the king. However, there was an antechamber as well for the king to sleep. In every morning in every morning, the people of the palace have to be present there before the king woke up. Every single thing that comes from the king is nothing but a ceremony to watch or listen for the people. 

7). The Palace was to impress

Palace was nothing but the reflection of the power of King Louis XIV. It also reflects the image of the king or the monarchy. Therefore, every particular thing of the palace should be looked sublime and mesmerizing to the visitors. The palace was fully decorated with many impressive things so that if any visitor comes to see or meet with the king became impressed with the decorations. 

8). For the design of the Palace, the king hires the best men 

Apart from that, the king hired the best men for workers for constructing the palace. The design of the palace and the architecture as well was fully developed by the best workers. They all do a great job while architecting and designing the palace for the king. 

9). Large amounts of materials came to Versailles for construction 

Moreover to build the palace every single day there comes a large amount of materials for the Constructions. King Louis arranged all the best materials for his Palace to provide it with the ultimate finishing and out looking. All the necessary materials had come from throughout the whole France country and the nearest cities of Paris as well. There are almost used millions of tons of materials to finish the whole construction of the palace. 

10). For the enormous project, new technical and scientific solutions emerged 

And last but not least another one more unknown a real fact of this palace is that it has new technological and scientific solutions emerged. The whole Palace is beautifully crafted with new technology and all the scientific solution to protect all unnecessary attacks and unusual fires as well. The workers of the palace take the help of the best scientific tools to provide the best finishing touch of the palace. Additionally, the technology which has been used for the safety measures of the palace is equally recommended. 

Bottom line 

Therefore, these are the most interesting and unknown real facts about the palace of Versailles. We hope this information helps you all to know about all the unknown facts about this beautiful Palace. Moreover, there are a lot of things that remain which still we do not know about this particular Palace. However, if we get any piece of information about the palace we will let you all know soon.