10 Best Amazing Places To Visit In Maharashtra

India has numerous wonderful countries where you can experience the most happiness and joy with your friends and family members. Among all the best states in India, one of the best states to visit in India is Maharashtra. It is the land of the second-largest populated city and the third-largest state in India. The state divides by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Maharashtra blesses with a supply of Natural sources and is Rich in flora and fauna. Besides that, the Godavari, Krishna, and Bhima rivers are running through Maharashtra. It contributes 13.3% of the country’s GDP and 15% of the country’s Industrial output. The state has tons of attractions for visitors and numerous places to visit in Maharashtra can make you happy. The state blesses with history, culture, Adventure, beauty, and many more other things. The historical places make this state one of the world’s heritage sites UNESCO. 

Some Of The Best Places To Go In Maharashtra

If you are a travel enthusiast people and want to visit Maharashtra then first you need to know where your journey should start. Through the help of this article, we are going to offer you all the major attractions of the state. And we also give you a list of all places to visit in Maharashtra. Let’s know the popular places in Maharashtra which can make your journey more joyful and memorable. 

1. Mumbai

places to visit in Maharashtra

One of the major attractions of Maharashtra is Mumbai also known as Bombay. The city of Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the fifth most populated city in India. Mumbai city is a collection of Seven Islands and joins with a single Metropolitan. It is popular for Bollywood film industry. Under the rule of the British East India Company, they use unique reclamation techniques to structure the city. The great food, art galleries, museums, history, and culture make the place more popular among tourists. To enjoy the whole of Mumbai you will have to stay more than one week there. Some of the major attractions of the city are the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and the flora fountain. SiddiVinayaka temple, the Beaches of Mumbai, and the Markets of Mumbai are equally famous to visit. 

2. Aurangabad

best places to visit in Maharashtra

Another one more destination in Maharashtra where you can go to receive the ultimate traveling experience is Aurangabad. The name of the city comes from the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The city is very popular for its historical monuments. On the other side, it is also an attractive place for the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. The town carries the Influence of Mughal and Muslim culture. The major languages are Marathi and Urdu in Aurangabad. The mouth-watering dishes and various lakes make the city more attractive for people to visit. Some of the major attractions of Aurangabad are Devgiri fort and Jama Mosque. Ghrishneshwar Temple, Aurangabad caves, Khuldabad, and Panchakki are other major attractions of this city.

3. Kolhapur

beautiful places to visit in Maharashtra

If you are checking out for the best travel destination in Maharashtra then Kolhapur is the best option for you. It locates on the bank of the Panchganga River. This is one of the priciest cities in Maharashtra for Marathi. The place situates in the hearts of Marathi people and the city is full of historical monuments and cultural heritage. The climate maximum time remains very pleasant for the visitors. And throughout the whole monsoon season, it offers huge rains. However, the best time to visit the city is when the Hindu festival occurs. You can visit the city during the festivals like Holi, Navratri, Vijaya Dashami, Diwali, and Ganesh Chaturthi. The city is famous for also providing a huge collection of Kolhapuri shoes and Mouth-watering cuisines. 

4. Mahabaleshwar

visiting place in Maharashtra

Another more popular destination in Maharashtra is Mahabaleshwar. The city is near the Western Ghats. It situates 1353 meters above sea level. On the other side, the city is also famous for summer retreats and Lord Shiva’s temple. The major attractions of this place for visitors are numerous trekking Hotspots and lakes. The water source of the City comes from the Krishna River and it offers the shape of a cow mouth. However, some other attractive sightseeing of the city is Bhavani Mandir and Pratap Garden. You can also visit the places Afzal Khan Tomb, Pratapgarh Fort and Old Mahabaleshwar. 

5. Solapur

most beautiful places to visit in Maharashtra

Languages with Marathi and Kannada, Solapur is another one more destination in Maharashtra where people can go. The city locates On the Karnataka border and locates at the Deccan plateau. Throughout the whole year, people enjoy a dry and moderate climate. Most of the visiting places in a Solapur are ancient temples and lakes. On the other side, the Siddheshwar Temple is the most attractive and visited place in Solapur. The temple builds in the 16 century. Every year approximately 35 lakh of pilgrims Visit the temple. Therefore, you can enjoy all the calmness and pleasant surroundings of the temple by visiting it. 

6. Pune

Best Places To Go In Maharashtra

Maharashtra has another more popular city which is Pune. The city is full of rich culture and history because it is the land of Chhatrapati Shivaji. With time the place gains its popularity as an Economic, educational, and cultural hub. Being a Famous tourist destination it also offers a lot of attractions for the city for visitors. Some of the most visiting places in Pune are Lal Mahal, Parvati Hill, and the Western Ghats. 

7. Lonavala

places to visit in Maharashtra Lonavla

Another more famous hill station in Maharashtra is Lonavla. And it becomes a favorite holiday destination for all the travel interesting people around the world India and other countries. It is the best place to spend your weekends and holidays with friends and family members. Besides that, the other major attractions of the city are trekking, Adventurous camps, and Hot air balloon ride. The best time to visit Lonavala is the monsoon. 

8. Nashik

places to visit in Maharashtra

By carrying The Hindu mythology Nashik becomes another one more major attractions in Maharashtra for the people. The place is near the Godavari River. The place is best known for Kumbh Mela and every year thousands of people attend the Kumbh Mela to enjoy. 

9. Matheran

places to visit in Maharashtra

In the winter season, the Matheran is the best place to visit in Maharashtra. The place is also famous for toy trains, Horse rides, and adventurous sports. One can spend a full week in this place by having all the fun and can enjoy all the surroundings.

10. Ganpatipule

places to visit in Maharashtra

 The last destination in Maharashtra is Ganpatipule. This is a Total beach town and people can enjoy the beachside surrounding every day, especially in the evenings. Enjoying the local foods and other delicious recipes can make your day special on this spot. 


Therefore, these are the major attractions of Maharashtra. And through the help of this article, we almost cover all the best places to visit in Maharashtra. Let’s start your vacation by going to each one of the above-mentioned places one by one.