Top 10 Amazing Places To Visit In Chandigarh

People, who have a deep fondness for traveling and love to explore numerous places, always seek out the best travel destinations for having some quality time or a short trip. For all travel enthusiasts people, who are looking for the perfect destination in India, one of the best travel destinations in India is Chandigarh to check out. Chandigarh is the capital of the two states of India, one is Punjab and the other is Haryana. Chandigarh was created after the Indian Independence. However, this particular place carries a lot of Heritage and cultures within it. Numerous interesting places and tourist spots are available for the travel enthusiastic people to check in. Every year from the different corners of India, thousands of people are exploring the city just to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing and for the glorious history of India. Today we have come up with the 10 best amazing places to visit in Chandigarh for the visitors. If you ever visit the city Chandigarh by yourself or with your family members and friends then you should not miss the places mentioned in the article. 

A List Of The Best Places In Chandigarh

We have come up with a few shortlist names in Chandigarh, where the travel freak people can visit by themselves or with their friends at any time. However, the best place to visit the city is in the winter season. Let’s explore all the beautiful and top best places to visit in Chandigarh

1. The Rock Garden of Chandigarh

The first tourist spot in Chandigarh is the Rock Garden which is located in Sector number 1. The Rock Garden is a perfect example of human creation. By using all the natural resources and Natural equipment the people of Chandigarh decorate the garden amazingly. Most of the rocks in the garden have been converted into works of art. People can spend a very beautiful day visiting the garden with friends and family members. A lot of places will be found in the garden where people can also relax for a few moments. Not only that, but people can also spend the whole day doing photography, picnicking and visiting the nearest sightseeing. 

2. Sukhna Lake

Another one of the finest places in Chandigarh is Sukhna Lake which is also located in sector number 1. It is one of the most crowded and popular tourist spots in Chandigarh which is lying at the foothill of the Shivalik Range. People can enjoy the natural view of the lake both in the morning and in the evening time. To entertain the Tourists while taking a small walk around the lake people can hear amazing music every day. 

3. Elante Mall

For people who are looking for the best place for shopping, there is no place that is better than the Elante Mall in Chandigarh. All the latest products from the best brands will be available in the small and people can quickly go to any one of the Floor by taking the help of an escalator and Elevator. Numerous restaurants are equally available in the mall where people can have some delicious meals. The mall is located in Industrial Area. 

4. Timber Trail

Another one of the best tourist spots in Chandigarh is Timber Trail. People can make a small romantic Visit with their partners or family members by going to the place. However, the price of the tickets is a little bit costly. It is better to carry all the necessary things with you including your food. By taking a small trip by the Cable car to the Uphill you can enjoy all the surroundings and can get the perfect view of the Chandigarh city. The timber tree is situated on the Himalayan Expressway. 

5. Chandigarh Rose Garden

Another one of the perfect and amazing location to visit in Chandigarh is the Rose garden. Numerous types of roses are available in the garden that people can enjoy. For those who only watch three or four colors of roses, this is the ultimate destination to explore numerous other colors of roses. On Jan Marg Road this Garden is situated.

6. Pinjore Gardens

People who are interested to find out about all the Mughal and Rajasthani styles of architecture can visit the spot Pinjore gardens in Chandigarh. The garden was created under the construction of Mughal Samrat Aurangzeb. At a later time, it was constructed again under the command of Maharaja Yadavindra of the State of Patiala.

7. International Dolls Museum

Subsequently, another of the favorite and interesting Visiting spots in Chandigarh is the International doll museum. The tourist will be able to see almost 25 different types of dolls and puppets in this Museum that have come from different countries. The Museum is maintained by the Indian Council of child welfare and in the year 1985, it was created. However, the main attraction of the Museum is the Indian section and the toy train for the visitors. 

8. Terraced Garden

Tourists who are looking for the best picnic spot in Chandigarh can choose the spot terraced Garden. It is a botanical garden with 10 acres of area and is well maintained Garden. At the foothills of the Shivalik Range, this terraced garden is located. In the year 1979, it was created in Chandigarh. The perfect visiting time to the garden in the evening hours when the tourist will be able to receive a cool breeze and can equally enjoy the tranquil environment 

9. Le Corbusier Centre

Another one of the top best places in Chandigarh is Le Corbusier Centre. It was the office of the famous architect of Swiss France Le Corbusier. Not only that, he was the commissioner who was involved in planning the Chandigarh city. However, in recent days the office converts it into a museum. This Museum nowadays shows the lifestyle and history of the architect Le Corbusier along with his times. If you are interested in the whole life of Le Corbusier then this place is a perfect destination to explore with your friends and family members. 

10. ChattBir Zoo

And ultimately, the last best destination in Chandigarh city to visit is Chattbir zoo. It is also famous as Mahindra Chaudhry Zoological Park. The park has a huge collection of exotic and wild animals along with birds and reptiles. However, the main attraction of the park is to see the lion Safari. People can spend a good day with their little kids in this zoo in Chandigarh. 


Therefore, these are the most popular and beautiful places to visit in Chandigarh. By considering the above suggestion list in this article, you can make your vacation days more appropriate and pleasant.