10 Best Places To Visit In Mangalore

 With the finest places, cities, tourist destinations, and coastal towns, The West Coast of India bless. The stunning view of the Arabian Sea makes the place Mangalore one of the most attractive destinations in India. Mangalore city is full of beaches, temples Park, and churches. By taking a road trip along with the Arabian seaside road, you will make an outstanding journey for yourself. The whole surroundings with amazing places in Mangalore will invoke you to explore the place more. However, people who are looking for some of the best places to visit in Mangalore, check this article fast. Here in this article, we are going to mention a few best places names in Bangalore. The sun-kissed coastal city with a warm natural view of the beaches along with temples in Mangalore can help you to get the ultimate joy. 

Few Best Places To Go In Mangalore

A lot of people are looking for the best places to visit in Mangalore, so that; they can start their journey in a perfect way. If you are making a trip to visit Mangalore with your friends or family or relatives then you should check this place’s names. 

1. Panambur Beach

Best Places To Visit In Mangalore

In Mangalore, one of the best places to visit is Panambur beach. It is declared one of the most cleanest and well-maintained beaches throughout the whole of India. Subsequently, the name of the beach derives from two words which are Panam and Ur. The original meaning of Panam is money and on the other hand, Ur means place. The beach is also famous for numerous things and some of them are International Kite Festival and colorful Carnivals. Visitors can enjoy the whole surrounding of the beach by horse riding, Boating, camel riding, and jet skiing. 

2. Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple

10 Best Places To Visit In Mangalore

If you are near Kadri Hills and then you should visit the Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple in Mangalore. All the South Indian old temples, this temple are the oldest. The construction of the temple is built by Vajrayana Buddhists. However, after the demise of Buddhism, The temple turns into a Hindu temple. The whole design of the temple looks like a pyramidical structure and you will find ponds near the temple. Here in this Temple Lord Shiva situates in the form of Lord Manjunatha. The main attraction of the temple is the idol of tri Lokeshwara which is nearly about a thousand years old. 

3. Kudroli Shree Gokarnanatheshwara Temple

10 Best Places To Visit In Mangalore

There is another more peaceful and blissful place in Mangalore Kudroli Shree Gokarnanatheshwara Temple. Under the command of Sree Narayana Guru, the construction started in the year 1908. However, on the other side, the whole Temple was finished in 1912. The temple itself carries the message of its saint which is one religion, one God, and one caste. The temple was mainly built for the Billawa community and the other privileged and upper-class people considered them untouchable. Lord Shiva situates here. In the surroundings of the temple, you will find lots of other gods and Goddesses idols. 

4. Rosario Cathedral

10 Places To Visit In Mangalore

Another one holiest place in Mangalore is Rosario Cathedral. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Mangalore. The church is famous as the Church of Our Lady of Rosary of Mangalore. On the other side, it has beautiful interior designs and architecture. The main attraction of this Roman Catholic Church is the wooden statue of Mother Mary which is also miraculous. In the year 1568, the church was built but in 18 century it was destroyed by Tipu Sultan. Apart from that the church was again rebuilt in the 19th century and reshaped in the 20th century. 

5. Nisarga Dhama

beautiful place to visit in mangalore

The Nisarga Dhama is an integrated theme park. The main purpose of the park is to promote Eco-Education and tourism to all the people. One of the major attractions of this Park is Pilikula Lake. There are biological parks, Golf clubs, a heritage Village, and more than 235 species of plants People can see in Mangalore. Not only that people can also enjoy the lake garden, Walking, jogging, boating, and the Children’s park. If you are looking for a perfect spot for a picnic with your family then you can go to the Water Park and Manasa amusement. However, the best time to visit there is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

6. Ullal Beach

best visiting place in Mangalore

However, on the other side of Mangalore, there is Ullal Beach which can also make your journey memorable Mangalore. It provides a similar kind of joy and natural view of Panambur beach. The visitor will enjoy the whole surrounding of the blue Water and the Waves touching the Shore. The plum trees are also there to offer you cool air while roaming on the beach. Altogether the beach offers an impressive view by increasing your happiness and pleasure.

7. Bejai Museum

Mangalore visiting place

 For visitors who are interested to know the history of the place and exploring some School exhibitions in Mangalore, Bejai Museum is best for them. The Museum offers plenty numbers of school scientific exhibitions and Information related to the history of the place. By taking your family members to their and along with your kids you can make your trip exciting and Joyful. There are many things that you can see which are old enough and bring to the place many years ago. 

8. Sultan Battery

Visit beautiful place in mangalore

Besides that, another one more perfect destination to visit in Mangalore is the Sultan battery lighthouse. By Tipu Sultan, this amazing lighthouse or monumental Tower constructs. The main purpose behind creating this Tower is to keep a close eye on the seashore and to watch any kind of development. However, the tower is not completely ruined. To explore the historical significance of this place you will have to go there to receive the moment.

9. St. Aloysius Chapel

Best Places To Visit In Mangalore

As we all know Mangalore is full of beaches, temples, parks, and churches. Another more perfect destination and one of the greatest catholic churches in Bangalore is St. Aloysius chapel. The beautiful design of the Roman Catholic Church and the architecture is equally attractive to all the visitors. To receive all the blessings and peaceful atmosphere around the church you will have to go there. 

10. Pilikula Park and Golf Course

10 Best Places To Visit In Mangalore

And ultimately, we will suggest every one of you visit the Golf Course and Pilikula Park. Another one of the best attractions within the whole Mangalore for the visitors is this. This greenish whole garden looks perfect and offers you to play some of the matches of golf. It is also a theme park that also well maintains by the authorities of Mangalore. Therefore, if you are interested to play a few golf matches then you will have to visit the place along with your friends. 


These are the best and favorite places to visit in Mangalore. You can keep all the names of these best places on your checklist so that you can explore them. Let’s make a wonderful journey by visiting all the places that we recommend to you in this article.