Places To Visit In Gujarat

Top 10 Attractive Places To Visit In Gujarat 

Numerous people every year like to visit different parts of India just to experience a few better or quality days with the whole family members and relatives. Not only that, people also come from foreign lands just to visit the cultural heritage of India and want to enjoy the different corners of India equally every year. If you are looking for a perfect destination in the western part of India then Gujarat is the ultimate destination for you to check out.. There are so many other attractions also available in Gujarat and people can check out the places to visit in Gujarat before coming into the state. To enjoy the whole trip in Gujarat, it is better to know all those famous places where people should go with their family members to know, all the cultural and historical background of all those places.

Best Places In Gujarat

Let’s explore all those famous places to visit in Gujarat in the below paragraph in detail. If you need to know about all the famous attractions of Gujarat then the simple article is the ultimate guide to know the names. As we all know it is the land of our national father Mahatma Gandhi and the state also offers rich culture along with tasty foods. Subsequently, Gujarat also offers numerous Architectural monuments, breathtaking sightseeing, rich flora and fauna, and lots of adventurous activities too for the tourists. Here in this article, we are going to offer a few best locations name in Gujarat where people should go at least once to experience the full view of the place. 

1. Ahmadabad

The very fast place name to visit in Gujarat is Ahmadabad for all of you. It also considers the Manchester of the East. However, Ahmadabad is one of the fastest-growing Metropolis cities in India. Not only has that Ahmedabad also offered numerous adventurous activities for the tourist, especially in the summertime. Ahmadabad is also certified by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage sites. To keep the attention of the tourists Ahmadabad offers lots of temples, Museums, and interesting markets. None of you will feel bored after visiting the fifth largest city in India Ahmadabad. Some of the interesting attractions of Ahmadabad are World Vintage Car Museum and Kankaria Lake.  Swaminarayan Temple, Dara Hari Vav, and Sabarmati Ashram people can watch. 

2. Kutch

Another attraction and famous place to visit in Gujarat is Kutch. It is a desert and the shape of the desert simply offers the shape of a tortoise. The place identifies for its tranquility and peace of mind. Every year thousands of tourists come to the place just to enjoy the quietness of the place. Several monuments are equally there in this place which will stun the eyes of tourists. The place is best known for the festival of Rann. The appropriate time to visit the Kutch is May. At this time the visitors will be able to see the festival or the Utsav of Rann. However, numerous other attractions are available on the spot. And some of the famous attractions of Kutch are the Kutch Museum, Dholavira, and The Great Rann of Kutch. Kutch Bustard Sanctuary and Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary are also there.  

3. Gir National Park 

Whenever people come to Gujarat they never miss the chance to visit the Gir National Park. This is one of the main attractions for tourists. The Gir National Park helps The Tourist to reach close to nature. The park also offers the tourists to watch Asiatic lions, and Birds of more than 300 species.  Insects of 2000 species and 37 species of reptiles you can see. Not only will that people also get the opportunity to see more than 2375 species of fauna. However, the visitor can also visit the nearest Dam which is Kamleshwar.    

4. Vadodara

Vadodara Best Places In Gujarat

If you are looking for some of the outstanding architectural manifestations in Gujarat then you will have to visit the place of Vadodara. To enjoy the outstanding side of monuments and the clear Sky of Vadodara people should visit the place in the summer season or particularly in May month. However, a long list of attractions is also available in Vadodara to entertain its entire tourist every year. And some of the main attractions of the place are the Statue of Unity and the Laxmi Vilas Palace.  Champaner- Pavagadh Archaeological Park, Ajwa Nimet Gardens, Sayaji Gardens, and Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir you can go.  

5. Dwarka

DwarkaDhish Temple

Your journey will remain incomplete if you do not visit Dwarka in Gujarat while making a Short trip to Gujarat. The place considers for Lord Krishna because it was his home. The Tourist can enjoy some of the Marvelous architectural temples in Dwarka and can receive blessings from the place. It believes that people can receive the ultimate salvation and peace of mind after visiting the place Dwarka. The nearest attractions of the place where the tourist can visit are Dwarka Beach, Rukmani Temple, and Lighthouse. Dwarkadhish Temple and Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple are also there to go.

6. Junagadh

Another more attractive part of Gujarat is Junagad. The place identifies for its Historical structures and Hindu and Buddhist temples. The meaning of Junagad is Old Fort and Babi Nawabs ruled till India’s independence. With time it becomes one of the most attractive parts of Gujarat. People can also visit the Gir National Park which is another one more attraction in Gujarat.  

7. Champaner

Champaner is another one more place in Gujarat that people can also visit.  And it is just 50 km away from Vadodara city. This religious structure’s ruins date back to the 8th century. And it is also a World Heritage site certified by UNESCO in 2004.  

 8. Bhuj

Another attraction of Gujarat city is Bhuj which knows as the mirror palace. Some of the main attractions of the place are traditional handmade textiles and crafts. Cultural excursions to surrounding villages and enamel pieces of jewelry are also there.  

9. Rani ka Vav, Patan

Besides that, another one more place where tourists can explore in Gujarat is Rani Ka Vav. In the year 1063, it creates by rani Udaynamati to memorize her dead husband King Bhimdev I.

10. Somnath Temple

Another one of the most religious spots in Gujarat is the Somnath Temple which dedicates to Lord Shiva. People say that this particular Somnath Temple is created by Ravana with pure silver material. Hence, all the tourists need to go to the place if they want to receive the blessings of Lord Shiva. 


Therefore, these are the names of all those famous places to visit in Gujarat. One should not miss the chance to visit Gujarat if he or she wants to enjoy quality time.  By exploring all the rich culture of India and architectural Monuments enjoy a few days.