Eiffel Tower: Discover Top 10 Interesting Facts

Undoubtedly, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities all over the whole world. Paris is well known for its contributions to fashion, Arts, architecture, and beauty. There in the city numerous breathtaking landmarks and monuments are available but none can match the glorious Aspect of the Eiffel Tower. All over the whole world, people come to visit the Eiffel Tower every year and people may have known a lot of facts about the monument. 

The Eiffel Tower is a globally recognized monument and Historical Landmark of Paris. The age of the Eiffel Tower is more than 133 years. However, people may do not know about the mind-blowing and surprising Secrets of the tower and the story of the structure of the monument equally. Here in this article, we are trying to disclose all those interesting facts about Eiffel Tower gradually. We are going to offer you a clear-cut discussion on all those hidden facts about this globally iconic monument Eiffel Tower. Therefore, come with us and join in our discussion to discover all those interesting facts about Eiffel Tower quickly.

10 Interesting Facts About The Eiffel Tower

Here in this paragraph we are going to offer all the interesting and hidden real facts about the iconic monument Eiffel Tower. Let’s see. 

1). Eiffel Tower Built As An Entrance For The 1889 World’s Fair

On the hundredth anniversary of the French Revolution, Paris hosted an exposition in 1889. This exposition is also known as the 1889 world fair. The exhibition takes place in the heart of the city champ de mars. It was a large public Park where the people had come from several locations to contribute their parts to the fair. Additionally, people have come from different corners of the world to present their Structural design at the fair. However, ultimately the project goes to the hand of Gustave Eiffel a Construction firm owner. He was the same man who designed the structure of the Statue of Liberty. 

2). Current Design Was Not The Original Concept

At present, the design we saw in the Eiffel Tower monument was not the original concept of the designer Gustave Eiffel. He took the help of one of his senior engineers, Maurice Koechlin. He was the creator of the principle design for the structure of the Eiffel Tower. Additionally, He went to the help of other engineers who were his fellow engineer. The name of all those engineers who helped him in the design is Emile Nouguier and Stephen Sauvestre. However, Gustave Eiffel visualizes something else for the designing part of the Eiffel Tower. Therefore, he rejects every single design until he approved one of the designs in 1884. The construction of the Eiffel Tower begins in the year 1887. 

3). There Were Protests Against Eiffel Tower’s Construction

Currently, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic and globally recognized monuments throughout the whole world. However, very little know the fact that when the construction of the monument was going on in Paris a lot of people were against the structure. From the governments to other people like writers, painters, architects, sculptors, and nature lovers are equally protested. Even the government started a petition and took signatures from more than 300 people to stop the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Apart from all these obstacles, none can stop building Eiffel Tower in Paris. Undoubtedly, nowadays this is one of the most beautiful structures that France has. 

4). Eiffel Tower Was supposed To Stand For 20 Years

The purpose behind making the structure of the Eiffel Tower was just to show off the French Revolution and industrial capabilities in the world fair 1889. However, the people of Paris thought that it was a temporary monument that can last up to 20 years in Paris. But none of these thoughts became true in later time when everyone in Paris falls in love with the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. Thereafter, iconic monument becomes one of the most historical landmarks in Paris and stands there still today. 

5). The Size Of The Eiffel Tower Changes With The Weather

To complete the whole structure of the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel used numerous wrought irons. He just wanted to make sure that the structure becomes strong. Hence, there used almost 7300 tons iron. The iron bars were as strong as stones and also light in weight. The approx height of the Eiffel Tower is 1066 feet including its antenna. This height is the normal height in daylight in Paris. Additionally, the height of the Eiffel Tower changes according to the weather. When summer comes the height of the Eiffel Tower increased by six feet and when winter comes the height of the Eiffel Tower decreased by 6 feet. 

6). Eiffel Tower Was The World’s Tallest Man-Made Structure For Over 40 Years

The Eiffel Tower is considered as one of the living testament which shows both modern Architecture and Engineering advancements. The approx height of the Eiffel Tower is 984 feet which becomes the world’s tallest man. The whole structure finished around four decades and the initial starting projection of the Eiffel Tower was in the year 1889. Ultimately the project finished in the year 1930.  

7). A Secret Apartment On The Third Level of the Eiffel Tower is held

On the third level of the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel Made an apartment for himself. The apartment was fully furnished and there was a Grand Piano in the apartment as well. Even the apartment has Laboratories where he used to experiment on various things. Moreover, a lot of people of Paris showed their interest to stay in the apartment. Even they are willing to pay a good amount of money to him. But he rejected all of them. He made the apartment for him only where you can enjoy some quality time. Besides that, he also invited Thomas Edison to his apartment several times. Right now the apartment of Eiffel’s shown all the visitors for his amazing creations of him. 

8). Eiffel Tower Has Over 1,700 Steps 

Visitors who are willing to climb up the Eiffel Tower from the bottom to the top will see three distinctive platforms. Each one of the platforms has numerous stairs to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower. On the other side, none of the platforms for Elevators can help you to reach the top directly. They will only help you to reach from 1st to 2nd platform. 

9). Eiffel Tower Once  Been “Sold”

There was a time when Eiffel gathers a lot of Scrap metal dealers and in front of them, he keeps a proposal. In the proposal, he said that the country could not bear all the high expenses to maintain Eiffel Tower. Therefore, he wants to sell the Eiffel Tower to someone else to bear all the expenses. The scrap metal dealers fall into his words and give a lot of money to him. In the later times he sells the structure of the Eiffel Tower to a man called Andre Poisson and by taking all the money goes to Austria. After coming back to Paris he again used to apply the same plan on someone else but this time the police were also involved. After being in fear of arrest by the police he goes to the United State of America to escape. 

10). Hitler Ordered The Eiffel Tower To Be Finished

While the Second World War took place in France, Germany captured all over France. Soon Hitler ordered destroying the iconic monument Eiffel Tower. Fortunately, none of the people follow his command. In the later time, numerous of the cables of the stairs had been cut down by the fighters just to put the flag to the top of the antenna of the Eiffel Tower. 


Therefore, these are the most interesting and hidden real facts about the Eiffel Tower. However, there may be lots of other interesting facts included with this iconic moment that we do not know. Additionally, if we get any other information related to the story of the Eiffel Tower then we will soon update you all.