Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Dehradun

If you are looking for a dream destination within India then there is no place that is better than Dehradun. It is the capital of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is best known for its natural resources and tranquil atmosphere which are the main attraction for the tourists. Dehradun is located in Doon valley at the foothills of the Himalayas. It is divided by two major rivers in India which are Yamuna and Ganges. Subsequently, Dehradun is popular for its climate and some of the recognized hill stations like Mussoorie and Nainital. Besides that, it is also the gateway for pilgrims like Rishikesh and Haridwar. Hence, the city does not require any introduction to specify its attractions and beautiful sightseeing. Every year especially during the monsoon season the city welcomes Hugh amounts of rain. On the other side, the weather becomes completely cold in the winter season and the tourist enjoys the best atmosphere and natural view of the city. Keeping all these things aside, now here we are going to offer you the top 10 beautiful places to visit in Dehradun

Some Of The Best Places To Go In Dehradun

In the city of Dehradun, there are numerous attractions and beautiful places are available for the tourists which they can visit with their family members and friends. To enjoy the whole the city the places to visit in Dehradun here we are presenting the names in the below paragraph. Check out the suggestion below and try out all of them if you ever visit Dehradun by yourself or with your family. 

1. Sahastradhara

Places To Visit In Dehradun

Within the whole of Dehradun city, one of the main attractions of the city is Sahastradhara. It is a popular destination for tourist in Dehradun which literary mean The Thousand Fold Spring. It is an amazing and marvelous place with numerous Caves, Waterfalls, and steppe farming lands. Every day the place is open for all the visitors from Sunrise to sunset. The place is free to visit means it does not charge any money from its visitors to enjoy the Rejuvenate experience. By visiting the nearest water amusement park people can also enjoy themselves in this Sahastradhara place. Besides that, the steep farming is also there to entertain the audience who will come to visit the place with their family members and friends. 

2. Robber’s cave

Places To Visit In Dehradun

People who are looking for and mysterious place to visit in Dehradun must visit the robber’s cave or Guchu Pani. In the British Era, robbers take the help of this cave for refuge. The visitor can enjoy the whole day by watching the waterfall within each and by doing a picnic with friends and family members Inside the Mammoth structure. The flowing waterfall is the reason why people feel Icy cold weather inside the narrow cave. And the formation of rock inside the waterfall reveals itself as an attractive and enchanting view for the Tourists. Hence, this is another one of the best places in Dehradun to visit. 

3. Rajaji National Park

10 best Places To Visit In Dehradun

For the animal and nature lover’s people, the Rajaji National Park is the next destination in Dehradun to visit. The park spreads over a wide area with a collection of elephants, birds, and Panther. It is a kind of dream place for nature lovers and they will be able to witness the charming view of the Shivalik Range from inside the park. The Rajaji National Park is next to Jim Corbett Park for the reservation of tigers. To receive unlimited memories from the park people will have to visit the park with their kids and families. 

4. Tapovan

attractive place to visit in In Dehradun tapovan

All the mythology lovers will love to place Tapovan in Dehradun. It considered itself one of the largest grasslands in the Country. Nature lovers will get the opportunity to capture the best view of the Shivalik Range from Tapovan. It was said that Guru Dronacharya did his penance. The premises of the temple and the tranquil view will surely offer you all the peace of mind for the visitors. And the visitor also comes to this temple for meditation and it becomes one of the perfect destinations for trekking as well. 

5. Mindrolling Monastery

top 10 Dehradun visiting place

Again another one of the best attractions in Dehradun is the Mindrolling monastery which is established in 1965. It is one of the largest Buddhist learning centers in India inside the premises there is a Statue of Buddha of about 35 meters in gold. For the religious and spiritual believed people it is a perfect holy destination for them to spend a few quality hours. Every day the center is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

6. Tiger Falls

tiger fall one of the best Places To Visit In Dehradun

Subsequently, people who are very much interested to watch waterfalls can surely visit the tiger Falls which are above the sea level about 1400meter. It is an amazing view of the Tiger Falls from the dense forest and amidst Foothills of Himalayas. The whole Tiger Falls is covered with small ponds which offer the ultimate Joy for the visitors who come to the place. 

7. Lachhiwala

Places To Visit In Dehradun

To enjoy all the quality time in the lap of nature Lachhiwala is another one more destination in Dehradun where people can go. This place is located in the exact middle of a forest and is a perfect destination spot for outings with friends and family members. This particular place is also popular for man-made pools which are safe to use. 

8. Tapkeshawar Temple

Places To Visit In Dehradun Tapekeshwar  temple

Another one of the perfect destinations to enjoy with family members is Tapkeshwar temple in Dehradun and it is one of the oldest temples. Not only that, it is the oldest temple of Lord Shiva Uttarakhand. Every year on the occasion of Shivratri people celebrate the day very joyfully inside the temple. 

9. Forest Research Institute

Best place to visit in dehradun

In Dehradun, people will find the premium research Institute of forestry. In the year 1906, the forest research institute was built by the British Imperial Forestry service. Not only that, it becomes a museum that contains six major sections which are Non-Wood Forest Products Museum, Entomology Museum, Social Forestry Museum, Pathology Museum, Silviculture Museum, and Timber Museum. 

10. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology

must visiting place in Dehradun

And lastly, the place we will recommend all of you to visit in Dehradun is the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology. It is the best geology museum in India and it displays everyday diverse Geographic locations all over the whole world. It is also famous for scientific events. 


Hence, these are the main attraction of Dehradun city and places to visit in Dehradun equally. Do not miss the chance to visit these top places to bring out the best traveling experience.