How to Reach Kedarnath from Delhi?

Your journey to Kedarnath is also an essential part of your trip. Your good journey will make your trip even better. To make your journey better, you must choose comfortable travel methods and good routes that you can make the most of.

Delhi is the capital of India. Many people go from Delhi to Kedarnath on the wrong routes. The distance between Delhi and Kedarnath is 452kms by road and 296kms by flight.

Below mentioned are some of the most comfortable routes you will find from Delhi to Kedarnath

1. Delhi to Kedarnath by train

How to Reach Kedarnath from Delhi

Rishikesh is the nearest railway station to Kedarnath and is at a distance of 221km from Kedarnath. Maximum trains of Delhi to Rishikesh depart from New Delhi station.

It is the most reliable and popular means of travel. You can always opt for the train option for a tireless and comfortable journey. You can also admire the hillside beauties while traveling by train.

There are 3 popular trains you can board from New Delhi to Rishikesh: Dehradun express, DLI Rksh express, and Mussoorie express. You find many buses and cabs/taxis from Rishikesh station or bus depots to Kedarnath.

2. Delhi to Kedarnath by road

How to Reach Kedarnath from Delhi

You can also choose Delhi to Kedarnath road if you love a little adventure. It is one of the best options. The distance between Kedarnath and Delhi by road is 452kms. Here’s why you will find Delhi to Kedarnath one of the best options:

  • Good roads: Most of the route between Delhi to Kedarnath is excellent and wide.
  • There is no need for extra maps: You will find ample signboards and directions to guide you.
  • Active cities: you will find many significant towns between Delhi and Kedarnath with open shops and hotels.
  • If you are opting for Delhi to Kedarnath by Road, here is the route you need to take:
  • Delhi to Haridwar to Rishikesh to Devprayag to Rudraprayag to Ukhimath to Sonprayag to Kedarnath

While traveling by road, it is always best to take a car (own/rental) to maximize safety. If you drive your vehicle, carry dry fruits, chocolates, and chewing gums to avoid dozing off while driving.

However, if you want to admire the scenic beauty of the road, it is always best to opt for the bike if you are a bike. You will find the scenic beauty of Rishikesh and Haridwar mesmerizing.

The mountain’s scenic beauty while entering Kedarnath is one of the best you will ever find. If you opt for a bike, you must also make sure you are a confident biker and wear proper biking gear. It will take you approximately 14 hours to reach

3. Delhi to Kedarnath by Flight

How to Reach Kedarnath from Delhi

Delhi to Kedarnath by flight is pretty famous. You can opt for the flight option, but the cost of a flight is higher than a train or road. Although the flight price is higher, you will find the plane journey the most comfortable and speedy.

If you are in a hurry to reach Kedarnath, you should opt for the flight. The distance between Kedarnath and Delhi by flight is 296km. The nearest airport in Delhi is Indira Gandhi airport, and the nearest airport from Kedarnath is Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun. From Dehradun, you will find many buses or cabs to Kedarnath.

4. Delhi to Kedarnath by bus

How to Reach Kedarnath from Delhi

There are plenty of AC Volvo buses and regular buses from Delhi to Kedarnath. These buses go on various routes, including some from Srinagar to Kedarnath. The bus journey from Delhi to Kedarnath is not the most popular. You will not find the bus journey less comfortable than a train or flight.

The list mentioned above is the most popular means of travel from Delhi to Kedarnath. You can choose any of these methods which suits your comfort and journey style.