Best Shopping Gifts to buy in Kedarnath

Trips and pilgrimages are an essential way to cure our monotonous life courses. Some people prefer trips to the seas and some to the mountains and forest. Kedarnath, located in Uttarakhand, India, is one of the best places for a trip and pilgrimage because of its scenic beauty and mythological history. Souvenirs and gifts for yourself or your loved ones are also an essential part of a trip which help you to remember the time you spent for years.

Shopping in Kedarnath

For many years, many sages have travelled to Kedarnath. Kedarnath is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in India. There are many beautiful shops around the temples and the on the slopes of the hills of Kedarnath. Many gifts that are found in Kedarnath are manufactured there. So, most of these products are genuine and beautiful.

Souvenirs from Kedarnath for your loved ones

Below mentioned is a list of gifts that can be bought from Kedarnath

1. Shiva Linga

Best Shopping Gifts to buy in Kedarnath
  • Kedarnath is the abode of Lord Shiva. He is one of the most prominent Hindu Mythology, also known as the God of destruction.
  • Shiva linga is the most common form of iconic representation of Lord Shiva worshipped among the Hindus.
  • Since Kedarnath is primarily hilly, there is an abundance of crystalline quartz, iron oxide deposits, basalt, and other minerals and rocks. Shiva Lingas are made with these minerals mixed with igneous rocks by skilled local craftsmen.
  • Black Shiva Lingas are the most common ones, but white ones are available too, though less common than the black ones. Grey-coloured Shiva Lingas are mostly rare. You can buy the Shiva lingam from any shop selling them. The shops selling them are common around temples.

2. Rudrakshas

Shopping Gifts to buy in Kedarnath
  •  The average temperature of Kedarnath does not exceed 2.4-5 ℃, and 1800-1850 mm rainfall around the year. It is suitable for the growth of many mountainous trees.
  • Rudrakshas are considered a holy item by the Hindus because, according to Hindu mythology, the Rudraksha is worn by Lord Shiva on his hair and neck.
  • Stone fruit trees are exclusive to the hilly regions. The stone fruits from these trees are used for making the Rudrakshas. The dried stones of the stone fruit are used as prayer beads and woven together by the local girls and women.
  • Since it is made of dried stone fruit, there aren’t any colour variations to this. You can pretty easily find it in the shops, temples, or outside them. This makes an excellent gift item if you or anyone you know is interested in religion.

3. Pictures of deities

Gifts to buy in Kedarnath
  • The harsh mountain roads and climate raised many soothing talents of art.
  • Kedarnath is one of the common pilgrimage sites. You can find many paintings of many mythological characters and deities, including Lord Shiva.
  • These paintings are painted by talented local painters. They are framed by various methods, some using modern framing, some with the help of nicely woven ropes of jute and laminated.
  • Paintings of Hindu deities and mythological characters are used by Hindus for worshipping and other rituals. You can buy this from any gift shop. It will be an excellent souvenir for you or your loved ones.

4. Clothing made of high-quality wool

Best Shopping Gifts to buy in Kedarnath
  • Kedarnath is situated 3553m above sea level, with temperatures reaching -3 to-5 ℃ in winter. So, warm, high-quality wool clothing is essential. Kedarnath has an abundance of sheep of high quality since the climate is suitable for its survival. The wool industry is pretty flourishing there.
  • The wool is shaved and woven into different woollen clothes, either manually or with the help of machines, and sold in various places, not only in Kedarnath but across entire India.
  • The high quality of warm woollen clothing helps you keep yourself perfectly warm in winters. Since it is manufactured there, you can find it in any garment shop or mall.
  • Kedarnath silk is famous all over India and even exported abroad.

5. Handicrafts by the local people

Best Shopping Gifts to buy in Kedarnath
  • In the higher hilly regions of Kedarnath, a variety of woody trees like conifers, cedar, and bamboo trees grow. The local woodcutters cut down the trees for wood and other valuable products like crafts.
  • Mats, wall hangings, and cup covers made of bamboo are famous handicrafts made by the locals. It is widespread there, and you can find it anywhere.
  • Jute is harvested in the low areas of Kedarnath. Handicrafts made of jute, like rope mats, wall hangings, photo frames, and frame covers, are available in most local shops on the streets. Wooden sculptures of temples, deities and mythological figures are hugely common in Kedarnath.
  • You can find it in the wooden sculpture souvenir shops. You can also buy embroidered woollen mats. They are popular among tourists because it is often used for purposes like placing pictures of deities and many other rituals. You can buy this as an excellent gift for anyone.

There are many souvenirs and gifts to buy; Kedarnath, a small city with its challenging climate, cannot offer many souvenirs. The scenic beauty and mythological and historical relevance will never fail to captivate you. Kedarnath is one of India’s best and most beautiful tourist and pilgrimage spots.